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  • Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 23:17:45 -0000

hello all:

we didn't hear much response to the question I raised the other week (regarding 
reports about events, workshops, new productions), so I gather it might mean 
that we are already too inundated with reviews, emails, correspondences, etc. 

On the other hand, it might be interesting to ask around,  what do members of 
our community read/hear (regarding concerts, new workshops, research projects 
going on in other parts of the world, etc).? where to they gather information, 
and how can our list contribute to such information sharing?  how useful are 
blogs, and what blogs to you read?  how are "local" dance communities 
organizing themselves? or connecting dance resources to digital media practice 
resources?   I found it interesting, returning to Houston for a while, that the 
dance-makers locally tried to "organize" their own newsletter, and a service 
organisation (Houston Dance Source), which also publishes reviews (as the 
newspaper cut their dance reviewing down to the occasional piece on the ballet, 
while I saw that the Village Voice ran a protest letter as well, choreographers 
expressing outrage over the cuts in dance coverage (down to what, half a 

Well, if you are interested, my little review on "M saudade"  appeared on that 
"Dance Source" :  http://www.houstondance.org/reviews.html 

and here;s an item of information about bthe ongoing lab/workshop "" FACETS 
2006   International Choreography Laboratory ""
at Attakkalari Movement Centre in Bangalore:


It is noteworthy that Attakkalari's artistic director, Jayachandran Palazhy, 
announced during his residency at the Digital Cultures Lab last December that 
his Center is about to implement the first dance & digital technologies Masters 
Program in India, and I believe the first course starts in the spring of 2006.  
Congratulations go to Bangalore!!

Johannes Birringer

Talking about songs, I saw a terrific dance concert Thursday night, "M 
saudade,"  created collaboratively by three young dancers from Bill Forysthe's 
company and directed by Ayman Harper, who were hanging out in Houston and found 
time to make a piece with some friends, including digital film sections by 
Tobin Del Cuore (Hubbard Street Dance Chicago) that left me breathless.  I will 
try to sketch some impressions of the piece and its conceptual core in a later 
mail, and I do encourage members of the list to send in occasional reviews or 
comments on new work, so that we can keep up with creative manifestations as 
they occur around the world. >>>>>>

Johannes Birringer
Mother Dog Studios
Houston, TX

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