[dance-tech] Report on the dance and numeric art event called Bains Numeriques

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  • Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 18:05:55 -0500

Hello All,

First of all, excuse me for my bad english, it is not my first langages but I will do my very best !
I have been asked by Ludmila Pimentel and Johannes Burrigner to report on a new dance and numeric art event that happen last october 2005 in France at the art center of Enghien-les-bains and where I was involve.

You will be able to see, in the attchement join to this mail, the program of this event. I am sorry, but it was only in french. And there was a very smal web site that was ready the day of the opegning of th event and it seems that it is disconnected now...

The hole idea of this event was conceived by an art concellor called Catherine Le Guern who is a specialist on the new forms of dance. She was new on the idea of dance and technology (but not on the idea of new writings in dance) but I met her in Monaco in 2002 during the Monaco dance and tech event.

The idea was to create an event that was going to present to all the professionnals of dance (from the differents institutions in France, the artistics directors of importants structures and others, etc) this field (dance and technology) as one of the new officials writings of this century in dance. When she first looked at the question, she was astonish to see how in France, very little of this work, was showed regularly, outside very specialised events or universities. (event if the Monaco dance forum is doing a very good job, it is a bit alone), how it was not mostly supported by the normal structures of funding in France (coproductions, full residency invitation, etc).

So she tought about a concept where there was three majors axes:
- present some finish work (shows,performances) to this public so then can see the directions of some of this new writings
- present also, work in progress or short part of pieces, to see the implication of the research that is inherent to this kind of new langage
- present, related to those presentations, conferences, seminars on specifics themes (the work in progress where chosen to correspond to each one of the theme), so that there was a real space to think and have discussion on where this form of art was going, was where the involvement, etc, etc.

I was part of it in many ways, as I was invited to do the official opening with my telematic choregraphy called " the demencia of the angels', I was giving a conference on my new work in production and I was presenting the first phase of this new production.

The way it went, is that Catherine did the concept and then the Center produce it. It was a bit ashame that it went that way as the conference part was a bit weak. (some of the presenters where really interesting but there was no real link inbetween the persons invited and the work in progress and the thematic) It was a bit a pity because it could have been much stronger.

The hole idea is very exciting. It was different of IDAT in Arizona on the link with the choice of work in progress and the direct themes of the thematic of the seminars.
I was personnaly quite excited to present in such a context, especially for the promisses of exchanges with others artists, seeing the newest works, the theoric aspect, etc. The country invited where: Canada, Japon, France.
Anomos and Andrea Davidson are in charge of doing the "actes de colloque", so it is nice to see that the dance and community will have acces at least of a part of what happen last october 2005.

Also at the beginning, I tried to put them in link with the dance and tech community, but the center, as I could see it later, didn't do it, so this event was a bit disconnected from the actual dance and technology community. They didn't get in contact with the list either even if I communicated the adress and responsables...Some important people where there and the collective Anomos from Paris was there also. But they told me that they where contacted very very late.

They have the intention to do it each year or each two years, but I am totally unsure that it will happen.

I hope that this kind of initiative will happen again and that several centers will be also interest in organising this kind of event on a regular base. I really feel that those initiative must be link to what happen in the past, be link stronly with the List, his members, be link with the universities and centers that are involve with reseach in this field, so that the result of such an effort will have more consequences.

I hope it give a bit an idea of what happen. Let me know if you have other questions. It is a general overview but i will be happy to answer more specific questions if there is.

Isabelle Choinière

Birringer, Johannes wrote:

hello all:

we didn't hear much response to the question I raised the other week (regarding reports about events, workshops, new productions), so I gather it might mean that we are already too inundated with reviews, emails, correspondences, etc.

On the other hand, it might be interesting to ask around, what do members of our community read/hear (regarding concerts, new workshops, research projects going on in other parts of the world, etc).? where to they gather information, and how can our list contribute to such information sharing? how useful are blogs, and what blogs to you read? how are "local" dance communities organizing themselves? or connecting dance resources to digital media practice resources? I found it interesting, returning to Houston for a while, that the dance-makers locally tried to "organize" their own newsletter, and a service organisation (Houston Dance Source), which also publishes reviews (as the newspaper cut their dance reviewing down to the occasional piece on the ballet, while I saw that the Village Voice ran a protest letter as well, choreographers expressing outrage over the cuts in dance coverage (down to what, half a page?).

Well, if you are interested, my little review on "M saudade" appeared on that "Dance Source" : http://www.houstondance.org/reviews.html

and here;s an item of information about bthe ongoing lab/workshop "" FACETS 2006 International Choreography Laboratory "" at Attakkalari Movement Centre in Bangalore:


It is noteworthy that Attakkalari's artistic director, Jayachandran Palazhy, 
announced during his residency at the Digital Cultures Lab last December that his 
Center is about to implement the first dance & digital technologies Masters 
Program in India, and I believe the first course starts in the spring of 2006.  
Congratulations go to Bangalore!!

Johannes Birringer

Talking about songs, I saw a terrific dance concert Thursday night, "M saudade,"  created 
collaboratively by three young dancers from Bill Forysthe's company and directed by Ayman Harper, who were 
hanging out in Houston and found time to make a piece with some friends, including digital film sections by 
Tobin Del Cuore (Hubbard Street Dance Chicago) that left me breathless.  I will try to sketch some 
impressions of the piece and its conceptual core in a later mail, and I do encourage members of the list to 
send in occasional reviews or comments on new work, so that we can keep up with creative manifestations as 
they occur around the world. >>>>>>

Johannes Birringer
Mother Dog Studios
Houston, TX

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