[dance-tech] operabil POW in vienna

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  • Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 11:26:38 +0200


operabil POW, performance lecture with topographic imagery
Marko Kosnik - text, visuals, keynote presentation

Veranstaltungsraum of Quartier fuer Digitale Kultur in quartier21, Museumsquartier, May 24, 19.00


"The most important source of energy is the human being and what he believes. I can't think of anything more important than people's views of how man fits into the scheme of the universe."

John A. Wheeler, the "black hole" physicist

When introducing the first Operabil manifesto in the spring of 2005 in Vienna, it seemed the main terms: "human fiction" (as opposed to science fiction), "open source ideology" and "public standards" can be easily understood by audience. But in order to prepare the breakthrough of the open source movement out of digital only domain into the light of the sun, manifestative announcement of European Electric Car was not enough. Instead of joining the efforts to build the first freeway from Vienna to Maastricht as suggested by some, i decided to skip the technological questions and revert to interpersonal problems. Europan Electric Car in it's final version is a personal bio - energy vehicle that shifts individual production of energy by improved use of symbols. In order to redefine Mchluan's "Media is the Message" into "Message is the Energy, Human is the Medium" it became clear it is to start with the critic of Freud first, and until having human waste restored over the prohibitions of anal phase, car industry and Microsoft can wait. Operabils had merged with Ditopias, travelling from Albania to Japan, from Slovenia to Germany and Netherlands and back to Turkey, to realize the only way to compete with Euroasian highway is to pick up the stethoscope back here in Vienna and start the walk to Beijing.



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