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I would like to submitt information about the event on Art, Counsiousness
and Technology to the Dance-tech list.

Questions about Art, Consciousness and Technology
November 30, December 1 and 2, 2006
SESC Paulista
Avenida Paulista, 119
São Paulo, SP, Brazil
Phone (55-11) 3179-3796

The idea of this forum is to establish an open dialogue between general
public and people dedicated to the interface between art, consciousness
and technology. In the forum, the question plays the major role of
relating the complexity of the participants´ projects and issues of daily
reality in the voice of the invited ?perguntadores? (?question makers?).
The ?perguntadores? will be intellectuals related to each of the five main
topics of the round tables, but not particularly engaged in the context of
art and technology. They will mediate each round table, presenting its
particular theme in their point of view, and will intercede with questions
by the end of all presentations in the round.

Each round table is related to a question:
1- What has been explored, and what is still to be explored in
interactivity in the digital media realm?
2- What are the possible relations between art and science?
3-How body is affected by the new life dimensions mediated technology give
raise to?
4-What can be anticipated about the future of culture?
5- How does technology interfere in consciousness?

F.A.q. will gather 17 members of the Planetary Collegium, an international
community of artists and researchers directed by the visionary artist and
Theorist Roy Ascott with Brazilian artists and prominent intellectuals in
the fields of science, culture and thought in a program of three days of
lectures, round tables and commented digital art shows.

Thank you!
Lali Krotoszynski

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