[dance-tech] media art and media history in real time

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  • Date: Sat, 3 Oct 2009 18:41:43 +0100

hello all

it's been a while since discussions have sprung up on our list, but the 
autumnal season starts, we got a windy city in London today, 
and it would be interesting to hear about current performances and new 
works..... new writings, and reflections.

Troika Ranch's "Loop Diver" is coming up for premiere (in Nebraska), but I 
understand an early version was already shown in New York,  and there are 
writings about the design and composition of the "loops" (loop techniques) and 
loop choreographies...

It would interest me to hear more about these loop techniques, and how you 
see/understand dancing (actual physical repetition) in analogue theatre in 
relationship to the digital loop (based on algorithms or computational 

Jennifer Parker-Starbuck has an interesting essay on a similar situation, in 
the work of the Wooster Group  ("Hamlet"), and she seeks to describe what she 
calls "meta filmic post-dramatic theatre"   --- the kind of "real-time" 
interaction between the Wooster actors, Hamlets and Ophelias,  and the screen 
actors (of a film of a Hamlet theatre production from 1964 with R. Burton), and 
i think Wooster does not use camera vision or sensors but cues the digital data 
and tapes and "fakes" the "real time" -  but they may not be quite so,  
probably they use a mixture of prerecorded and live projected video/generated 
video given the presence of cameras and mics on stage.....

This month's Empyre debate, by the way, is on media art / networked art, and 
the collaboration on writing (online)



with regards

Johannes Birringer

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