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Hello all:
the following text draws attention to the forthcoming dance and new media 
events organized by ke?ja Oslo:   


ke?ja Oslo - Dance and New Media
10-12'th October 2009

1. LAB

ke?ja Oslo - workshop/lab    5- 9 October 2009
During 5'th-9'th October a group of 12 nordic artists specially selected from 
the ke?ja Oslo seminar participants will take part in a five day lab with 
choreographer/media director Johannes Birringer, who is also holding the 
opening lecture of the ke?ja seminar. The lab is entitled ?Performance on the 
Edges: Physical / Digitial Media Environments? and has been developed in 
relation to the theme of this fourth encounter.

The selected artists are: Sintija Silina and Laura Navndrup Pedersen (DK), 
William Iles og Sini Haapalinna  (FI), Helle Siljeholm and Sarah Christophersen 
(NO),  Katrín  Gunnarsdóttir and Katrín Dagmar Beck (FI), Charlotta Ruth and 
Dominique Grünbühel (SE/AUS). Dance Information Norway collaborate with Atelier 
Nord who will host the lab, and select the two final members of the workshop. 
Location:  ATELIER NORD   
Visitors welcome. 

The workshop will have an open presentation/performance on Friday,  9?th of 
October, at Atelier Nord,  at 18:oo. 
(more details to be announced)


Registration is now open for the fourth ke?ja encounter, ke?ja Oslo - Dance and 
New Media seminar, which will take place in Oslo 10-12'th October, 2009.

Dance and new media is interdisciplinary in nature and ke?ja Oslo is the first 
pan Nordic-Baltic encounter that brings together a wide range of local and 
international dance artists, professionals and academics to discuss the theme 
along with colleagues from related fields like electronic arts, interaction 
design, gaming, and music. Join us in Oslo 10 - 12´th of October for exciting, 
entertaining and challenging lectures, screenings, demonstrations, discussions, 
group sessions, installations, and happenings, as well as performances in the 
CODA - Oslo International Dance Festival, and rub elbows with the dance, design 
and arts community from the Nordic and Baltic countries and beyond. 
The program is being developed, and more details will be added in the course of 
the next days, and weeks, so please check http://www.kedja.net for regular 

CALL FOR PAPERS: ke?ja and Dance Information Norway (DI)  issue a call for 
papers/essays on dance, new media and technology. 
We encourage artists, designers, scholars and technologists from all fields to 
answer the question: 'What is at stake in dance and new media in 2009?'
Whether you take a personal, creative or theoretical approach, texts must be a 
maximum of 1000 words, in English. Feel free to attach pictures related to the 
text, though keep in low resolution.  
Proposed texts will be reviewed by a jury of 3 Nordic scholars as well as by 
editors Lise Amy Hansen (Oslo School of Architecture and design/AHO) and Ine 
Therese Berg (DI) who will select select 3 essays to be published online and in 
the conference program/catalogue. A prize of app. 335 Euros is awarded for the 
published texts.
Send text in attachment, without name in document, by e-mail to 
post@xxxxxxxxxxxx and put 'ke?ja dance and new media text' in the subject 
field. DEADLINE 25'th of MAY.

ARE YOU ON FACEBOOK?: Join the ke?ja Oslo group where you can post links, share 
ideas, videos and photos: 

REGISTRATION: Go to http://www.kedja.net to register for participation in ke?ja 


*       participation in the Oslo seminar is free 
*       it is possible for Nordic and Baltic participants to apply for travel 
support, more info on http://www.kedja.net 
*       registration ends 1'st of June.

For questions about registration, please contact the ke?ja partner in your 
country (see below)
For questions about the encounter, please contact ine@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Welcome, sincerely

- Dance Information Norway, Oslo 
- The Danish Dance Information Centre, Copenhagen
- Danceinfo Finland, Helsinki 
- Lithuanian Dance Information Centre, Vilnius 
- Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm 
- Iceland Dance Company, Reykjavik 


To provode more context, here are some paragraphs from the Planning Outline. 

Project outline ke?ja - OSLO, ?DANCE AND NEW MEDIA?

Dance and new media is a current theme of many social and artistic 
implications, and the conference in Oslo will shed light on the following 

-       What characterises dance and new media in our time; what is the new in 
new media; does the use of new technology lead to the dance field's artistic 
and social development? 
-       Digital media and the distribution of dance; can new media bring a 
larger audience to dance? 

The program is being developed and we aim to set up a diverse and exciting 
content where the participants can take an active part, trying out different 
electronic tools and communication forms, participating through happenings and 
plenary and group discussions. In this way people have a chance to get to know 
each other, which is one of the main goals of the ke?ja project. A net-based 
gaming technology competition, a workshop matching choreographers and dancers 
with interaction designers are other ideas for the program in addition to 
lectures, panel debates, work demonstrations, performances and a possible 
exhibition of interactive installations. In other words the conference will 
both have a strong theoretical as well as exciting artistic elements, social 
meeting places, and audience building activities. 

Ine Therese Berg is responsible for the content of the conference, and will 
make use of her background her MA in performance studies writing about 
multimedial performing arts, as well as writing on several dance projects use 
of new media in the book ?Scenekunst Nå? (performing arts now) (Spartacus 
forlag 2007). Choreographer and media artist Amanda Steggell will be central in 
planning, and during, the conference, and we will be able to make use of her 
wide network Our contact at  Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), Lise 
Witt Hansen who is researching her PhD on the body, movement and interaction, 
will collaborate on developing the program, mainly the parts that will take 
place in the school.  

Dance House Oslo is one of our partners and a natural base for the conference, 
but we will also make use of alternative venues located in proximity of the 
house, like AHO and Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHIO). In this way we 
can split he participants into smaller, more dynamic units, as well as show off 
the neighbourhood and parts of the infrastructure for dance. In the evenings 
the participants will be able to see performances courtesy of Oslo Contemporary 
Dance Festival (CODA). We are also looking to other potential partners in the 
area for collaboration on the artistic side of the program, for instance Office 
for Contemporary Art (OCA) or Norsk Design og Arkitektursenter, DogA. Atelier 
Nord is also a partner.


Johannes Birringer
director, DAP Lab
School of Arts 
Brunel University
West London 
UB8 3PH   UK
+44  (0)1895 267 343  (office)

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