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  • From: "Birringer, Johannes" <johannes.birringer@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 18:07:15 +0100

hello all:
thanks to Kent for reminding us about the evolving etiquette for our 
list....... many of you were active on the old list and remember it, we shared 
information, but we also had heated exchanges sometimes about what it is we do. 
The difference now is that we have a new dance technology list which is 
unmoderated. So you send something, and we all (can choose to) read it.

(with attachments, that's right, please be careful and considerate, and it is 
advisable that you point us to images or downloadable files on websites, rather 
than just sending them on).

thanks.  enjoy your list.


Johannes Birringer

> Listees,
>       Glad you guys are working this out. We need to establish an 
> etiquette for the list for it to be useful and not have everyone 
> unsubscribe. Big downloads definitely feel like a "let them eat cake" 
> faux pas for those of us who still rely on dial-up for at least part 
> of our on-line business. If you send a link to a server, I can choose 
> when and how to download if I want to see what you are up to.
>       Also, isn't it nice to have a functioning list again so we 
> can keep a collective ear to the ground?
> Kent De Spain
> >OK,
> >this is marlon barrios solano.
> >I am sorry about my scandalous behaviour in the list!
> >  I actualy posted  the applications for download in:
> >http://accad.osu.edu/~mbsolano/down.html
> >it is not spam!!
> >Tha's it! got it! enjoy it!
> >marlon
> >
> >
> >--- Claude Draude <cdraude@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> >wrote:
> >

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Nottingham Trent University has taken steps to ensure that this email and any 
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