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  • From: Philippe Baudelot - Monaco Dance Forum <pbaudelot@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 18:29:49 +0100

History of dance and technology is not only the story of digital dance.
Digital dance was not born from nothing. I remember Annie Luciani presented
at Imagina 1987 a kind of software about movement writing. Between 1985 and
1990, the body movement and the representation of dance were a thema of the
conferences about computer graphics in Imagina . That was not directly
digital dance but the preoccupations of engineers and movie industries were
turning at this period for a part around dance...  It was a beginning just
before LifeForms. 

I think that digital dance story can also be linked to the theater story in
general : "Deux ex Machina" (a  god coming down the sky with the help of a
machine, it was a way to finish unrelistic stories) in the roman theater,
the baroque theater and opera machinery, the influence of industrial
revolution on the arts, Lois Fuller and electricity, Nicolas Shoffer with
his interactive Robot CYSP in a ballet created by Maurice Bejart in 1956 and
a lot of examples nearer from us in the sixties and seventies...

All this does not concern directly the digital dance but it could help us to
understand what is digital dance artistically, technically and ideologicaly
(technology can be understood as logos of the technics).

All the best to all

Philippe Baudelot

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