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of course it's not a "Gamme de 7"
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> History of dance and technology is not only the story of digital dance.
> Digital dance was not born from nothing. I remember Annie Luciani presented
> at Imagina 1987 a kind of software about movement writing. Between 1985 and
> 1990, the body movement and the representation of dance were a thema of the
> conferences about computer graphics in Imagina . That was not directly
> digital dance but the preoccupations of engineers and movie industries were
> turning at this period for a part around dance...  It was a beginning just
> before LifeForms. 
> I think that digital dance story can also be linked to the theater story in
> general : "Deux ex Machina" (a  god coming down the sky with the help of a
> machine, it was a way to finish unrelistic stories) in the roman theater,
> the baroque theater and opera machinery, the influence of industrial
> revolution on the arts, Lois Fuller and electricity, Nicolas Shoffer with
> his interactive Robot CYSP in a ballet created by Maurice Bejart in 1956 and
> a lot of examples nearer from us in the sixties and seventies...
> All this does not concern directly the digital dance but it could help us to
> understand what is digital dance artistically, technically and ideologicaly
> (technology can be understood as logos of the technics).
> All the best to all
> Philippe Baudelot

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