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hello dance-tech list(s)

well, the lists are growing and multiplying, it seems,  so this is good to see 
such energy and communications happening.

sorry if some information/reposts on new events got a bit behind while I was in 
IstanbulTurkey,  they were some slip ups as i lost electricity and also was 
unfamiliar with keyboards/alphabets there in the internet cafe. there were 
heavy rainstorms as well and we all got quite wet. 

But i wanted to mention that the Istanbul dance and digital performance scene 
is featured in the current November issue of ballettanz  magazine.


And in this issue, there is a very interesting interview with the a_m_b_e_r  
festival co founder Ekmel Ertan.

and as soon as i find time, i will write a critical report on the Movi-Lab and 
the current interactive exhibition on view there.

Johannes Birringer

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