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See you in Walhalla?  Spielsysteme / Games Systems  at Saarländisches 

Saarbrücken, Germany,  11 April, 2007, at 19:30 p.m



Spielsysteme/Games Systems at International Interaktionslabor Göttelborn 
2005-2006 is the title of a new book-catalogue published in December 2006 by 
PoCul Publishers, documenting the interactive media research and artistic 
productions created at the Interaktionslabor. 


Presenting the book to the public and the press, writer/journalist und 
co-editor Klaus Behringer will read from his essay Bleak, but nevertheless 
beautiful, a critical and poetic meditation on the interplay between 
wilderness, the uncanny, and computer art. 


After the reading, photographs and film excerpts of the live computer game 
performance See you in Walhalla  will be presented by Johannes Birringer, 
director and founder of the international media lab which takes place every 
summer in the former Coal Mine Göttelborn, located 20 miles northeast of 
Saarbrücken, the state capital of the Saarland. In July 2007, the lab will 
celebrate its fifth edition, and its continuing partnership with  Industrial 
Culture Saar, an initiative for regional infrastructure redevelopment. 


The laboratory has established its reputation as an independent media center 
dediacted to research in new media technologies and interactive design. See you 
in Walhalla was developed over a period of 12 months in a cooperative 
EU-Culture 2000 project (i-Map: (Integration of Media Art and Performance), 
linking Göttelborn with amorphy.org (Athens, Greece), Interspace Media Arts 
Center (Sofia, Bulgaria) and deWaag (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). The final 
sensor, 3D image, performance and network designs were tested during last 
year’s summer lab in Göttelborn, and the new work premiered in Athens on 
13-14. September. It will be shown again at the Greek Theatre Festival in June 
2007 before going on tour.


The published catalog features eight essays (in English and German) by 
participating artists and observers of the live computer game, offering diverse 
perspectives on choreography, game engines, programming, filming, sensor 
design, real-time streaming media as well as on the particular location and 
collaborative model of the Interaktionslabor.  


Everyone is welcome. Entry is free. 


The Book: Spielsysteme. Internationales Interaktionslabor Göttelborn 
2005-2006. Eine Dokumentation. Herausgeber: Johannes Birringer, Klaus 
Behringer. ISBN 978-3-929435-18-4 Dezember 2006. 80 S. € 7.-

Interaktionslabor: http://interaktionslabor.de <http://interaktionslabor.de/> 


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