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Hallo Isabel

thanks for posting to the list and reporting on your project on "mixed reality
participatory environments," which are probably not new to everyone but
possibly to some who have not worked as extensively as you in online and VR

Our discussion on dance/performance and participation was also an ecperiment in
reviving this free dance-tech list, and we engaged for about two months, so
sadly you contribution arrives after we stopped the discussion.
perhaps you could add a brief statement here, about the value you have seen in
the work and what it meant for you to collaborate with others in such spaces,
and how you think today about the matter of the "posthuman
corporealities" (in themselves perhaps not an uninteresting subject)......

I attended an event yesterday called "Traces" and one of the presentations was
"Traces of capital, or, are some things unrepresentable", by David Cunningham,
the editor of the journal Radical Philosophy.
He was introduced by Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, a professor of law &
theory, and author of the recently published "Spatial Justice."

To an extent, what Cunningham raised were numerous fascinating questions about
the difficulty to represent and picture financialization and the movement of
global capital.
Posthuman corporealities - well, certain images come to mind; but yesterday, i
was struck by some photographs of containers that had sunk from a capsized ship
and were
swept to the shore somewhere, and the discussion later centered on containers
and the movement of containers across the lands and waters and air to transport
and commodities; eventually, we also talked about human beings that are
transported in containers; refugees, kidnapped victims, migrants that are
smuggled across borders; dead bodies
brought 'home' from some battlefield.

the notion of '"senses / places" -- can you tell us more about it?

Johannes Birringer

[isabel valverde schreibt]

Hello list, Greetings to everybody!!!
I've been following with some delay the resuming of discussions in this list
which I'm very happy and really want to engage. Below is the press release to
Senses Places mixed reality participatory performance environment, going on for
several years now and still lots to develop. Have been posting some of earlier

Hope to soon write to propose a future gathering at the recent (launch March
edition #0 November 2014) Posthuman Corporealities - Network Festival
Symposium, in Lisbon, Portugal. Please check it out and will need partners,
collaborators, volunteers and more.

Looking so much forward,
All comments welcome, Thanks
Isabel Valverde

Press Release
Senses Places @ Casa de las Artes, Alanís (Spain) & Odyssey Simulator (SL)
In Collaboration with Parad is0, no hay billetes (LaboratorioSLD)
JUNE 8 > 4PM (SLT/GMT-8) / 1AM (Spain/GMT+1)

Odyssey Contemporary Art and Performance Simulator (Second Life)
SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Odyssey/31/147/681
Physical Public Location: Casa de las Artes de Alanís de la Sierra, Paseo de la
Alameda del Parral, 41380 Alanís, Sevilla, Spain
LaboratorioSLD: http://laboratoriosld.blogspot.fr/

Artists/Avatars collaborators for this performance
Isabel Valverde aka Butler2 Evelyn (Artistic direction, choreographer,
Todd Cochrane aka Toddles Aeon (Technical direction, developer, performer)
aka Lizsolo Mathilde (SL artist, curator of Odyssey Contemporary Art and
Performance Simulator)
Barbara Teixeira aka Kikas Babenko (SL artist, animator, performer)
Joana Martins aka fonteyn (software designer, performer)
Kae Ishimoto aka Kaejun (choreographer, performer, JP)
Ana Moura aka Anisabel (choreographer, performer, PT)
aka Saveme Oh (SL visual theater artist, vr animator, performer, NL)
Isa Seppi aka Janjii Rugani (choreographer, performer, BR)
Paulo Fernandes aka Genious Bickin (SL designer, performer, PT)
Clara Margarida Gomes aka Lux Nix (video artist, performer, PT)
Nick Rothwell (sound interface system, composer, UK)

Senses Places is a mixed reality collective performance and participatory
environment that follows an ongoing process towards a kinesthetic/somatics
embodied mediat(iz)ed communication. We engage in converging our physical,
avatar and video embodiments through live videostreams, webcam, and biometric
interfaces at the Second Life's MUVE. This performance will integrate one of 15
episodes of a larger 3 day performance premiere, Parad is0, no hay billetes,
from Salud Lopéz (LaboratoriosSLD), in residency at Casa de las Artes de Alanís
de la Sierra, Spain.
For this performance we will engage with the excretory body system (lungs and
skin), on a somatic mediated experience and extrapolating meaning, such as
embodied multiplications, continuing to mingle our different hybrid embodiments
towards an emerging integrated reality.

- What subjective and shared inter-subjective kinesthetic/somatic embodiments
can we generate towards an integrated reality through an intertwining of
physical, avatar, and image, and environment interfacing?
- How is this state of expanded awareness in action a form of meditative
mediation, opening and noticing multiple communicative channels?

Let's allow our bodies to interact intuitively, attaining for
close/intimate/inner/somatic/energetic/kinesthetic connections, bringing into
play our senses and subjective trans-cultural backgrounds. Our common concept
is the experimentation and reflection upon the very shared interfacing
experience and what kind of dance we develop through this mixed reality
approach. The experiment is anchored in the sense of embodying and how we adapt
to different mediations of self, others and environments :D

This score proposes performative situations based on improvisational and
integrative Eastern-Western dance approaches. During the performance the
participants/performers choose at least 2 situations to engage with and relate
with others, change them at will, and are invited to play their own animations
or HUDs towards emerging connections from the eclectic/hybrid embodiments.
Although there is no fixed sequence, we propose to start in a circle, getting
further closer to each other, including touch or a senses of one body, and
explode in all directions. Moves and auras related to the energy/excretion :-D

Once we are working with the excretory system, we would like to propose that we
try this time to start working with
Breathing - specially breathing out/exhaling and add sounds coming out of the
movement related to the somatic sensing of release . what about initiating with
Skin - between inner body and external environment. such as sweat, energy/aura,
touch self-others
Kidneys - relation with fluids system.

Score Situations / HUDs associated
A. Rooting / Grounding - floor poses & moves connecting bodies-environments
B. Standing Poses / Empowering - in between earth-sky - Buddha, Yoga & Power
C. Flying /Orbiting - levitate, like birds flocking and micro-macro
quantum-astral elements
D. In Between/transitioning- mixing floor, standing, and flying animations.

Technical requirement before starting:
Each or all of the interfaces needs to be activated:
1. Webcam interface: Get the HUD(s) and instructions to activate in Giver at
Senses Places @ Odyssey
2. VideoStream interface: 3/4 live performers with LiveStream Procaster
1. Isabel/Butler2, Mixed reality Casa de las Artes and
2. Isa/Janjii, Brazil: MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from
"l.facebook.com" claiming to be
3. Liz Solo, NewFoundLand: MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt
from "l.facebook.com" claiming to be
4. SL live recording: MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from
"l.facebook.com" claiming to be
C. Biometric interface: Isabel/Butler2 with Processing and PD (heart rate-sound)

A. Rooting / Grounding
Avatars: wear HUD Floor and Aura attachments: Phantom, generator k1 or other.
Action: engage in seating, lying and moving on the floor relating to
webcam-avatar and videostream-images interfaces. Staying and changing poses and
movement on the floor, connecting to our inner bodies and the ground, and in
relation to others and environment, taking into account occasional touch or
intertwining amongst performers and/or avatars.

B. Standing Poses / Empowering
Avatars: wear HUD Poses + Gestures or choose pose to play and wear HUD
Gestures. Aura attachments: cheery coke, L + R soft particles or other.
Action: embodiment of standing poses, choosing the place in space and in
spatial relationship with others, changing location/pose at least once.
Changing physical pose/movement within pose affects/changes avatar poses and
vices versa.

C. Flying / Orbiting
Avatars: wear HUD Flying. Aura attachments: DanceSphere, Raibow Trails or other.
Action: floating and moving in aerial space and in closer group connection,
including the aerial poses, flocking trajectories, and jumps.

D. In Between / Transitioning
Avatars: wear HUD In Between. Aura attachments: blue shine hands, dovefloat or
Action: moving between the floor, standing, and flying. animation. Yielding to
and opposing gravity expanding through space. Experimenting to follow someone.
Changing energy flow connecting to all body parts, others, and environment.
Trying to witness/encompass all. Including Tai Chi, Contact Improvisation, and
flying moves and poses.


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