[dance-tech] CALL FOR PAPERS/PRESENTATIONS: TWO Thousand + NINE symposium: SARC/Belfast

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for the TWO Thousand + NINE symposium:

The 2009 edition of the symposium will take place on the 16th of May 2009 at the Sonic Arts Research Center in Belfast. 
The theme for 2009 centers around the notion of content, in particular on user-generated content, interaction and design.
Our keynote speaker will be Professor Steve Dixon from Brunel University

Deadline for Paper Proposals (300 word abstracts or full papers): 1st January 2009
Notification of Acceptance: 26th of January 2009

Dissemination of “content” has dramatically been challenged by environments such as Facebook, Youtube and Second Life as these introduce notionally open platforms that live off content created by users. Although user generated content has fulfilled the engagement requirement of many social networking environments, a question emerges in relation to the role of creative practice in a context which promotes malleable, transitory and user-led media. In a world of post-personalisation, digital media is faced with issues of locality, context and mobility. Although numerous applications have been built on creating environments within which personal preferences, approaches or visions can be implemented, the question of how design processes and creative practice strategies address these new media is still unanswered.

- How do notions of open form and interactive media relate to user-centred interaction design?
- What does the shift from object to environment imply for contemporary artistic practice?
- How can we develop design strategies for addressing rich media environments which incorporate user-generated, locative and sensor-based content?

The Two-Thousand + NINE Symposium invites researchers from fields as diverse as music, architecture, design, philosophy, dance or technology to address the interface between creative practice and user-led content in new media. 
The call for paper presentations at the TWO Thousand + NINE Symposium is now open. For more info, visit: http://twothousand.wordpress.com

All enquiries should be directed to:
Franziska Schroeder: f.schroeder [at] qub.ac.uk

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