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AHRC funding for UK/EU arts and humanities research students
PhD Studentships in the School of Performance and Cultural Industries at the 
University of Leeds for 2014

Following the announcement that the White Rose College of the Arts & Humanities 
(WRoCAH) has received £19m from the AHRC to establish a Doctoral Training 
Partnership that will create over 300 PhD studentships and join the expertise 
of the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York, we are delighted to announce 
a range of AHRC-funded PhD opportunities in the School of Performance and 
Cultural Industries at the University of Leeds.

Research in the School is organised through three interacting research groups 
covering the domain of Performance and Cultural Industries.  These groups are 
hubs for early career researchers, mid-career academics and senior research 
leaders and all postgraduate research students are identified with at least one 
group.  The School of Performance and Cultural Industries encourage 
applications for PhD study in these three research groupings:

1.       Practitioner Processes

2.       Cultural Engagement, Policy and Practice

3.       Performance Technologies

Researchers in this group engage critically with a variety of creative 
processes related to the preparation and production of theatre, live art, new 
writing, opera, dance and contemporary site specific performance. Research 
methodologies used by its members include critical historiography and archival 
research, phenomenology, ethnography, practice-led and interdisciplinary 
research.  Specific interests include:

 *   Performer training histories and practices
 *   Sensorial and site specific performance
 *   Interdisciplinary performance
 *   New writing and new dramaturgies
 *   Music theatre, opera and composed theatre
 *   Performance and heritage
 *   Documentation and performance
 *   Adaptation and intermediality
 *   Improvisation, choreography and collective creativity
Cultural Engagement, Policy and 
  Members of this group research and publish on the complex and diverse ways in 
which people and societies engage with culture practices and experiences.  
Whether disciplinary-based or inter-disciplinary in scope, the group's research 
is designed to have impact both within the academic community and upon society. 
Specific interests include:

 *   Applied theatre
 *   Cultural histories
 *   Cultural policy
 *   Urban and rural culture and creativity
 *   Punk and post punk cultures
 *   Cultural value
 *   Cultural economy
 *   Arts marketing and cultural experience
 *   Participatory Cultural Experience
 *   Management in the Performing Arts

Members of this group share a fundamental curiosity about the materiality of 
performance, from wood and cloth to digital animation. Their concerns lie with 
the languages of technologies in performance, and the influences of performance 
knowledge on technological design. Specific interests include:

 *   Immersive and Environmental Performance
 *   The phenomenology of scenography in performance
 *   Active spectatorship
 *   Human/technology interface
 *   Performance and new technologies
 *   Digital performance and the body
 *   Performance as a tool for innovation in design processes

Click here<http://www.pci.leeds.ac.uk/research/research-projects/> for 
information on some of PCI's funded Research Projects.

Applicants for an AHRC studentship must have applied for a place of study and 
have discussed their funding application with the School. They may only apply 
for AHRC funding at one of Leeds, Sheffield or York. The studentship 
application form and details of how to apply are only available from the WRoCAH 
website http://www.arts-and-humanities.whiterose.ac.uk/

AHRC studentship applications opened on 8 November 2013, and must be submitted 
by midnight GMT on 3 February 2014. Successful applicants will be notified by 
the end of April 2014.

Postgraduate Research Tutor: Dr Anna 
Practitioner Processes:  Professor Jonathan 
Cultural Engagement, Policy and Practice: Professor Calvin 
Performance Technologies: Professor Sita 

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