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Brunel University

Wednesday, December 11,  2013 , 16:oo
Gaskell Bldg 048 -- Drama Studio,  Uxbridge, West London,  Cleveland Rd.

 David Roesner
(University of Kent)

“Aesthetics and Processes of Composed Theatre”

In this talk, David Roesner will seek to both summarize and interrogate what 
Matthias Rebstock and he have suggested to call 'composed theatre', and 
exemplify some of its characteristics by case studies. He will focus in 
particular on how working processes of composed theatre tend to differ from 
more traditional practices and will also look at the ethical and/or political 
dimension of these differences. Finally, he will try to point out future 
research perspectives that the term may offer.

David Roesner is a Senior Lecturer in Drama and Theatre at the University of 
Kent and co-director of the European Theatre Research Network. In 2007 he won 
the Thurnau Award for Music-Theatre Studies for his article “The politics of 
the polyphony of performance”. Recent publications include Theatre Noise (with 
Lynne Kendrick, 2011) and Composed Theatre (with Matthias Rebstock, 2012). 

See also: http://kent.academia.edu/DavidRoesner.


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