Canadian Citizens Found Their Names on a “Blacklist” and Stranded at World’s Airports on Their Way to Iceland

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Canadian Citizens Found Their Names on a “Blacklist” and Stranded at World’s 
Airports on Their Way to Iceland

- Demand Icelandic Government’s Apology and Compensation 

Ottawa (June 21, 2002) Last week, dozens of Canadian citizens from Ottawa, 
Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver travelling to Iceland to take part in a 
peaceful appeal during the president of China’s visit  (June 13-16)  were 
shocked to find their names on a “Blacklist” and their tickets cancelled, or 
barred from boarding any Iceland bound aircraft at the international airports 
such as Paris, London, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo. Some who made their way to 
Iceland were detained more than 24 hours. No arrangements were made for their 
return trip or food or lodging upon this unexpected refusal to honor their paid 
tickets. The same happened to citizens from US, Australia, Taiwan and other 
European countries.

According to media report, this Blacklist, which identifies both Chinese 
nationals as well as citizens of Western democratic countries, was compiled by 
the Chinese government and supplied to the Icelandic government. 

“We are shocked to see Iceland, a democratic county, bow to the Chinese 
communist regime’s totalitarianism and set a dangerous precedent of using a 
blacklist to violate world citizens’ human rights. These people spent their 
own money and vacation time to travel thousands of miles, not for themselves 
but to give a voice to the innocent people being brutally persecuted in 
China,” said Xun li, a software engineer stranded in Copenhagen airport on 
June 12 &13, 2002. 

“We urge our Canadian government to demand an explanation from the Icelandic 
government why Canadian citizens and residents who are not criminals and do not 
pose any threat to anybody were blacklisted and received such treatment. The 
Icelandic government should apologize and compensate these Falun Gong 
practitioners. This small gesture will restore the image and reputation of the 
Icelandic government, which has already been seriously jeopardized,” said Li, 
who spoke on behalf of all the unjustly treated Canadian practitioners.
Barring the entry of Falun Gong practitioners enraged Iceland’s own people. 
All Icelandic Newspapers, TV, and radio widely reported against their 
government’s decision. “You have the whole nation behind you. 100% of the 
media and 99% of the Icelandic people are all with you,” said a reporter from 
Iceland TV Broadcasting Corporation to Lucy Zhou, a Canadian Falun Gong 
practitioner in Iceland at the time. 

Some 450 Iceland citizens, including Member of Parliaments, City Councilors, 
Professors, etc. took out a full-page advertisement in the island’s major 
national newspaper apologizing for the Government’s ‘incomprehensible 
actions’ towards Falun Gong and condemning China’s human rights record in 
Chinese, English and Icelandic. They welcome Falun Gong practitioners to 

Three thousand furious Icelandic people in the capital - Reykjavik went onto 
the street to demonstrate against its government’s wrong decision of barring 
Falun Gong practitioner’s entry and against the president of China’s visit on 
June 14, the day of his official visit. The scale was unprecedented in this 
small country.

The U.S. State Department has asked Iceland's government for an explanation.

Contact: Lucy Zhou 613-599-7494, 613-862-7494,

Further Information: China’s Illicit Overseas Operations

There is significant evidence that China’s leadership has long held a keen 
interest in profiling and monitoring individuals outside China who practice 
Falun Gong. 

In May, 2001, Hong Kong officials first denied, then admitted to employing a 
“blacklist” to block entry of such persons during Jiang Zemin’s visit. In 
the last two years, many cases of Chinese consulates denying passport renewals 
to Chinese nationals residing oversea and practicing Falun Gong have surfaced, 
such as in the US, Canada, and the UK. 

In February, 2002, classified documents smuggled out of China and authenticated 
by renowned China expert Su Xiaokang revealed orders from China’s leadership 
that, “We should focus on building up data banks and further fulfill and 
complete the intelligence management systems on “Falungong”… and on 
religious organizations abroad that infiltrate [China], and bring the function 
of the systems to full display. We should set up intelligence and data 
portfolios… and constantly fulfill and complete these portfolios to make sure 
the data is accurate and updated.” These directives apparently follow orders 
from China’s Jiang to “strengthen the campaign overseas against those foreign 
forces, collect more information, and prevent protests” as reported last year 
by the Falun Dafa Information Center. 

And in recent months such efforts by Chinese overseas agents have prompted 
legal action accusing China’s ministries, consulates and embassies of 
“engaging in a pattern of criminal acts and interfering with the right to 
practice their spiritual beliefs.” 

Early signs of China’s overseas intelligence operations appeared as early as 
the first week following Jiang’s ban on Falun Gong in late July of 1999. At 
that time the apartment of New York Falun Gong spokesperson Gail Rachlin was 
forcibly broken into and her address book, filled with contact information of 
Falun Gong practitioners, was taken, but nothing else.

Practitioners of a peaceful spiritual discipline that has no membership, 
charges no money, and has no organizational structure are discovering that 
someone has been snooping. And not just snooping into the readily available 
list of volunteers on websites or flyers, but deep into the private lives of 
citizens in many countries and many backgrounds. The names of Falun Gong 
practitioners who quietly practice Falun Gong in the privacy of their own homes 
or in their local parks appeared on the lists as well.


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