A Heartfelt Request at Copenhagen Airport

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Falun Gong Calls For Iceland Ministry's Decision To Be Immediately

-- A Heartfelt Request from Canadian Falun Gong Practitioners at
Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen, Denmark (June 12, 2002)--We, six Falun Gong practitioners,
were astonished to learn here at the Copenhagen airport that we have
been barred from boarding  any Iceland-bound aircraft, a shocking
decision by Iceland's Ministry of Justice on June 11. This has obviously
been caused by pressure from the Chinese president Jiang Zemin, who is
expected to visit Iceland from June 13 and 16.

We are Falun Gong practitioners, and for peacefully appealing for
justice for the millions of our fellow practitioners persecuted by
Jiang's regime in China, our names have been added to China's
"blacklist." This list has been passed to the Iceland government, and in
turn, to airline representatives in airports around the world, so that
we are now being denied boarding any Iceland-bound flights. The decision
by Iceland's Ministry of Justice not only violates the basic norm of
human ethics, but also severely violates very basic human rights and
risks serious damage to the image and reputation of Iceland's

All the people we have met at the airport are shocked by this wrongful
decision and extend their support to us. "I know this decision is
immoral," said an airline manager. An Iceland Embassy official said that
he felt great regret for the decision.

"The persecution of Falun Gong, also escalating in China, is now being
even further extended overseas. We deplore the decision from Iceland's
Ministry of Justice, and we call on the Iceland government to
immediately rectify the decision," said Xun Li, one of the six
practitioners and a Canadian passport holder, during an interview at the
airport with the media.

The persecution of Falun Gong in China has been widely condemned by the
international community, including the Canadian government. In addition,
Canadian authorities have praised Falun Gong on many occasions as "a
model of good order." Mr. Irwin Cotler, a renowned international human
rights lawyer and Canadian Member of Parliament, said that
Truth-Compassion-Tolerance is not only Falun Gong's basic teaching, it
is also the best universal value for humankind.

Mr. Xun Li added, "In Canada, Falun Gong practitioners have become very
well known for their peacefulness and good order. Knowing this, police
are rarely even present at their appeals and gatherings. Jiang Zemin's
regime's defamation of Falun Gong is shameful."

"We will not leave the airport and will continue to appeal, and we hope
such unfair decision is rectified in an accelerated manner," he

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