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"It's not your fault!"

Call for Help


Bring an old PC into this century. Start by reading this feature
(1) on what programs are affected by the Y2K glitch and then squash
the bug here (2). 

1. http://tm0.com/sbct.cgi?s=117655167&i=308607&d=1107758
2. http://tm0.com/sbct.cgi?s=117655167&i=308607&d=1107759

Use this shortcut the next time you find yourself in need of help
with no one to ask: 

Read the Show Notes for all of today's show content:   

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Leo's Show Notes for Tuesday, February 27, 2001...

* Whither 56K

Brian from Foothill Tech High School, Ventura, CA
wondered if 56K modems are history with the advent of
higher speed devices. No way. There are so many places
where DSL and cable modems aren't available, and won't
be for some time, that the modem will survive for a long

Don't expect it to get much faster, though. The
technical limit for analog voice likes is 35K.
http://www.sciam.com/1999/1099issue/1099hawley.html. 56K
modems can go faster only because they're partly
digital. There are some advances ahead for modems. Visit
http://www.v92.com for more information about the newest
modem standard. It's only a little faster upstream, no
faster downstream, connects faster, and has a modem on
hold feature that will allow you to answer the phone
while you're online.

* Illegal Operations

Juliet and Romeo (the bird) from Harrison, AR keep
getting crashes when she reads her Hotmail. That's a
hard one to diagnose. There are three things to do. 

First, clear the Temporary Files Folder by opening the
the Internet Options... item from the Tools folder and
pressing Delete Files... button.

Second, run Windows Update. You should be doing this
every week or so to get the latest browser updates.

Third, reinstall Windows.

That's the best I can do without actually flying to
Harrison and working on the PC myself!

* More RAM?

Frank from Rahway, NJ has a Pentium III with 64 megs of
RAM. He wants to know if adding another 64 megs will
speed it up. It might well help. It depends on how many
programs you use at once and how much memory those
programs require. RAM is so cheap these days (around
$0.50 per megabyte) that I'd recommend everyone have at
least 128 megabytes.

--------------- Lightning Round ------------------

* File Assoc

James from Lake Charles LA hates it that WinAmp tries to
play movies, even though it can't display the picture.
To get Windows Media Player to open movies, open it,
select Options from the Tools menu, then click the
Formats tab. Make sure the movie formats are clicked,
then press OK.

* Stuck Icons

Tammy from Princeton, WV tries to arrange the icons on
her Windows desktop but they keep jumping back to where
they were. That's because you have Auto Arrange turned
on, Tammy. To turn it off, right click the desktop,
click Arrange Icons and uncheck Auto Arrange.

* Max USB devices

Albert from Maywood, CA wanted to know how many USB
devices he could get on his computer. The theoretical
limit is 127 but to do that you'd have to daisy chain a
bunch of USB hubs. 

* Missing Audio Horn

Chance says the "yellow audio horn" is missing from his
system tray. Turn it on by opening the Multimedia
control panel and checking the "Show volume control on
the taskbar" item. If that doesn't work, the volume
control may not be installed. Open the Add/Remove
Programs control panel, click the Windows Setup tab,
double click the Multimedia component, check Volume
control, then press OK. 

That's it from the Call for Help crew. Thanks for
watching. I'll be back tommorrow. Meanwhile remember,
it's not your fault! 

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Don't forget... If you have a netcam and a computer question... go
to the Netcam Cineplex located in our chat room 45 minutes before
the show starts, talk to Joshua, and you can get on TechTV. Plus
we'll send you your very own Call for Help cup holder, just like
the one Leo uses. 
Are you a student with a question about computers? Are you a
teacher who realizes that computers aren't just a passing fad?  If
you answered 'Yes' to either question, then your school could
appear on Call for Help. If kids at your school are into computers,
and need their questions answered, contact us and you may get it
answered on TV! Send all questions to CIC@xxxxxxxxxxx 

For more information, please visit our Cable in the Classroom
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