[cryptome] Re: [cryptome] UK govt steams ahead with £5m facial recog system amid furore over innocents' mugshots

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By collecting all the data, they can easily convince the undereducated masses that they are diligently at work. Of course, behind their closed doors, they can selectively process only data that can be deemed important enough to help reduce the crimes. But with a population of 7 or 8 billion to watch, I doubt they will ever be able to reach a state of total victory, so ongoing warfare and terrorism will continue.

Enjoy your life in the Brave New World.

Gary Wallin

On 08/17/2017 05:02 AM, douglas rankine wrote:

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I am beginning to think that there is a surplus of a psychological
problem called anal retentiveness, which exists amongst the personnel in
our security and intelligence services, and in the higher echelons of
the government and Home Office. Perhaps it was due to poor potty
training in the early years of their lives.  They already have more data
than they know what to do with, and seem unable to connect the dots
before the event, but very quickly after the event.  Maybe if they
learned to target properly and legally, they could save a lot of time
and storage capacity and taxpayers money, but it seems that the message
is to collect everything and worry...or not...about what they are going
to do with it afterwards. Collection and storage of so much data about
individuals and citizens, who have done nothing wrong or illegal,
appears to be endemic, whether it is  read or not, and is in itself a
bad security policy, but again, the greatest security services in the
world want it all...and, when one asks, they won't or don't reply, or
say that they want it so that they can catch terrorists, paedophiles,
money launderers and other criminals...yet when it comes down to it,
they haven't been very successful up to date, though they have been very
good at losing the data or having it pinched and spread over the web...

C'est la vie,



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