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  • Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2017 08:51:27 -0500

These differences are all dependent on the delusional world views of the persons hearing those words. The language police have failed to come up with an exact vocabulary to clarify the ideas expressed in everyday speech. (I suspect that one of the important aspects of all languages is to make deceptions possible). Human languages are no where as rigorous and exact as computer languages. Rejoice in our ability to lie to ourselves and others. It may be the very essence of humanity.

Gary Wallin

On 08/17/2017 05:52 AM, douglas rankine wrote:

Dear Colleagues,

I am confused.  Can someone explain to me the difference between an alt
rt, alt lft, neocon, newcon?   What is the difference between a
Republican and a Democrat?  And has this difference, if there is one,
always been different throughout the history of both parties.  Is an Alt
lft one of them Marxists, and if so, what branch of them does he/she
belong to, or is there different kinds of Alt Lfts, sort of non-Marxist
alt lfts?  Are there Democrat Alt rts and ultra rts and ultra alt lfts.
What kind of Republican is the President...apart from being a bully?

Are soldiers rt lfts, or lft rts?

   I have heard that Republicans at various times in history used to
support immigration, ethnic minorities and that Democrats were
Conservatives, is this true?

What is the policy difference between Democrats and Republicans. Do they
publish manifestos for instance?

What is the difference between early modernism, modernism, late
modernism, post modernism and is the next stage to be early futurism,
followed by futurism, middle futurism and past futurism and post 
futurism...What is the
status quo called after that?

If you are also as confused as I am...try pressing Ctrl/Alt/Dlt...and go
and watch something entertaining on Netflix...or Youtube...like Mickey
Mouse...I am sure you will learn a lot more...as I did...:-)

Real life always imitates Hollywood...:-) Hollywood art is science
fiction in reverse.



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