[cryptome] UK Government Calls General Election June 8th 1917

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Dear Colleagues,

Well, well, well! What a fine mess Brexit has got us into. The UK Conservative government has called a general election. They must reckon that they can win it...and continue with Brexit. All the parties are in disarray, at sixes and sevens, out of touch with the citizenry and the nations, no longer reflecting the views of the people in the way they once did. I personally don't know which way to vote, I personally do not know which way the vote will go, or who will win, or what policies will win.. Do I vote for Brexit, but a loss of welfare and public services, loss off rights and human freedoms, cut backs in education, removal of freedoms, or do I vote for a party which supports public services and welfare, and increased human rights but wishes to continue as a member of the European Union?

Such are some of the dilemmas which face the British people, nations and citizens. I think I might be away on holiday in the European Union on that date? Should I use my postal vote? Who do I vote for, what do I vote for, should I bother voting at all, or spoil my ballot paper? I can't find one political party in the UK which supports, even remotely what way I would like to see the United Kingdom go...

I wonder what our readers make of it all?...:-P



Maybe we need a big bomb to sort it all out, show the world we care for humanity and civilisation...

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