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The Labour Party is in disarray. It hasn't got time to change its policies or its candidates for the general election, which means that the "old guard" pro-remain candidates will be standing on remaining in Europe, or at most, having a soft Brexit. So far, the shock hasn't hit them, they are still living under the illusion that remain is winnable and that the fight shouldn't be on Brexit but on NHS, Education, unemployment, housing and other social welfare issues, including increasing government expenditure but with no suggestions as to how to pay for it. The Scottish Nationalists are the next major opposition, and they are going to abstain from the vote in Parliament today. The Conservatives are relying on winning the coming general election in June with an increased majority so as to better their negotiating position in Europe, and to remove any question of an election over the final terms of the negotiations, by putting off the following general election till after 2020, giving them breathing space. The other smaller parties won't make any difference and they are also in a state of confusion. Northern Ireland has no government at all at present as their parliament is deadlocked and if the present negotiations don't work out, then the UK government will take over until such time as a new government is elected. Northern Ireland has a particular problem with Brexit because it has a common, open border at present with the European Union via the Republic of Ireland.

Local elections in some areas of the country are also due to take place in May, how the parties perform will act as a barometer for the general election. The parties are now preparing their manifestos to present to the electorate and collect the money to fund the campaign. The Conservatives are hoping to win by a large majority so that they can silence the critics within their own party who want a "hard" brexit and who want to stop all immigration, cut off all ties, particularly on the European Court and other human rights issues, returning sovereignty to the UK parliament.

The vote in Parliament takes place today on giving permission to the government to hold an early election, which the government will most likely win, as the Labour M.P.s have decided to support the government, the Lib Dems also, although the Scottish Nationalists will abstain.



There will of course, be no interference by foreign governments, who will all respect and refuse to influence the outcome, either by rosy deals or supplying underhand monies, or using other methods of subterfuge to affect the outcome. The United States in particular, as will Russia be completely indifferent to the outcome, as will the European Union...

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Dear Colleagues,

Well, well, well! What a fine mess Brexit has got us into. The UK Conservative government has called a general election. They must reckon that they can win it...and continue with Brexit. All the parties are in disarray, at sixes and sevens, out of touch with the citizenry and the nations, no longer reflecting the views of the people in the way they once did. I personally don't know which way to vote, I personally do not know which way the vote will go, or who will win, or what policies will win.. Do I vote for Brexit, but a loss of welfare and public services, loss off rights and human freedoms, cut backs in education, removal of freedoms, or do I vote for a party which supports public services and welfare, and increased human rights but wishes to continue as a member of the European Union?

Such are some of the dilemmas which face the British people, nations and citizens. I think I might be away on holiday in the European Union on that date? Should I use my postal vote? Who do I vote for, what do I vote for, should I bother voting at all, or spoil my ballot paper? I can't find one political party in the UK which supports, even remotely what way I would like to see the United Kingdom go...

I wonder what our readers make of it all?...:-P



Maybe we need a big bomb to sort it all out, show the world we care for humanity and civilisation...

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