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You nailed it Doug, Americans are shorted sighted, stupid people....... Funny, when ever there is a earthquake or hurricane, they are the first ones there offering aid.... When will those idiots learn..

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 If the name of Kim Jong Un was changed to the name Obama, and the film
was made in North Korea...I can't help getting the feeling that the
Americans wouldn't see it as a comedy, but more as an attack on America.
I mean assassination of people is so funny, even more so Presidents...An
assumption is made that American reporters and journalists are such
clowns and so stupid too, that they would contemplate doing such a
thing...and the CIA is even more stupid that it would ask them to do
such a thing....well...on second thoughts...Castro comes to mind... :-)
...and it will appeal so much to the American public that it will make
millions of dollars profit. To me, it shows just how insular and tiny
minded those intellectuals are...They have absolutely no world vision. I
am laughing me sock off...:-D

 ATB Sweep

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