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P.P.S.  Another footsie.
Of course, unless one can raise Nixon and Regan from the dead or try them "in absentia" a trial in any event would be quite impossible...:-) . Though, I must say that there has been times in England's past that such an act has been done, and the body's dug up from the grave and put on trial...Religion tries the soul, you see...and it is immortal.

On 22/12/14 12:30, doug wrote:
Dear Jeremy,

"Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember, from time to time, that nothing that is worth knowing...can be taught" Oscar Wilde in "Philosophies for the Young".

I don't have any qualifications at all...so you can treat my postings accordingly...;-) . I can see the weaknesses and strengths of your analytical skills, though, particularly in politics...:-)

I have never met Obama and I have never met Kim jong-un (finally got his name right). I have never met their families either...so I don't really know much about them as human beings. I have seen them portrayed on television of course, but as we all know, the mass media telescopes, edits, exaggerates, minimises, twists and changes and disappears information (to paraphrase bits of John Young's so called "rants", (which I think are rather nice, poetic and cryptic at the same time))...;-) to the point that I don't really believe in what they are saying or putting forward at all.

With the exception of most of Cryptomes latest photos, (none of which I have seen before) there is a stereotype of North Korea which comes out in the Western media...of militarist, goosestepping adulation of the great leader and the values of the society which he upholds. Only rarely does someone bother to visit the country either as a tourist or on a project to look at its culture, history, its architecture and so on. (one can occasionally see some of the architecture in the photos). You do know about the 38th parallel and how that came about, don't you? Whether this stereotype is a true reflection of what actually goes on there, in the same way as Hollywood being a true reflection of what goes on in the USA is another, moot point.

One could of course compare his treatment with that of Obama...The music which is played when the leader appears, or the National Anthem, and the symbols of raising the arms and saluting the flag. Standing behind the flags and the great American Seal, somehow adds truth and honesty to the press conferences. And the same films seem to get played time and time again, until they are imprinted on ones mind...yet one tends to forget the commentary which goes on underneath, the subtext if you like, as the images, lifestyles and cultures are put across in the news or in "informed" articles about such things.

Now, let's look at payback time. What is it North Korea has done that requires "payback", and what kind of payback (I do like the use of the word payback, sounds so commercial, as if it was part of a contract of some kind, return of profit or favours, not a smack in the mouth or being created a terrorist and put on a list, or having ones kids killed by drones as collateral damage to the contract) from the United States Government, on this occasion. If it is the hacking into Sony Pictures very old and very poor I.T. security system by hackers, who may or may not be associated or linked with North Korea...then you are making a very strong case on the most flimsiest of grounds. Sony were warned on numerous occasions to sort out their security systems, and they decided not to bother, either because they didn't want to spend the money, or didn't care about separating out the personal, employee stuff from the commercial stuff, or morely likely still, their executives having not got a clue about I.T. security, don't want to know, and see it as a bottomless pit which puts them at the mercy of the international I.T. security establishment...all of which is true.

No one knows at this stage, apart from the FBI of course and they are infallible, aren't they..., yet usually go out of their way to give sources against the "bad" guys, are strangely mute on this occasion.

If you have the time, type in: sony employees class action lawsuit : into your search engine.

And have a look at the court cases, which show some of the havoc which Sony has caused with its carelessness, nay recklessness in looking after its I.T.systems and its staff personal data. I dare say that this won't be the subject of a film, yet it has the makings of a good comedy documentary. Perhaps one of its rivals will see the light...but I doubt it...It is, after all Unamerican. I like nice clean American nomenclature...;-)

As to "hauling his butt" to the international court at the Hague...I agree, lets do that to all of them...Obama, Regan, Nixon, Clinton, the two Bushes...Trouble is getting them there....They have yet to sign the international agreement which allows it to happen. Even then, such things are difficult. People and governments have tried to get Blair and Pinochet to the international court, but they have manage to avoid it so far.

I must say, that I do like and much appreciate your desire to settle such cases peacefully and within the realms of international law...much better than non-peaceful means. As Winston Churchill once said (the greatest warmonger of them all, in my view)..."War is a non-solution"...

P.S. And I do like playing "footsies". it is so much more fun...please don't deny me that...:-)

On 22/12/14 08:25, Jeremy Compton wrote:
Its pretty pathetic really that SONY is letting itself be dictated to by a big mouth spoilt brat who is now in power and kills those that dont share his views.
We keep giving him attention which keeps making things worse.
SONY bit the bullet and release online. Stop being a coward SONY.

I agree with Obama, payback is coming when want it to and in our timing and our way.

This is not the way a great power lets itself be treated by a rougue bankrupt state that does not adhere to international standards.
I dont know why anyone pays any attention to this guy.

The only attention is when we haul his but before the International Criminal Court in the Hague and prosecute him for crimes against humanity.
It is time to stop playing footsies with the leader of a rogue state.

And l do have a postgraduate qualification in Political Science from a top university.

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> Q. What's most funny about 'The Interview'?
> A. The fact that it makes absolutely no sense what-so-ever and is
> totally ridiculous. Notice how the words 'ridiculous' and 'hilarious'
> both end with 'ous'? That's right. The fact that North Korean can't
> _actually_ do a thing about the movie adds even more hilarity to it.
> What 'bout actually bombing an American theater or otherwise killing
> some innocent people, I hear you ask?
> Do you want Democracy? Because that's how you get Democracy.
> Sincerely,

> A not-at-all-funny person.
> On Sun, 2014-12-21 at 20:55 +0000, doug wrote:
> > http://cryptome.org/2014/12/the-interview-talking-points.htm
> >
> > If the name of Kim Jong Un was changed to the name Obama, and the film
> > was made in North Korea...I can't help getting the feeling that the
> > Americans wouldn't see it as a comedy, but more as an attack on America. > > I mean assassination of people is so funny, even more so Presidents...An
> > assumption is made that American reporters and journalists are such
> > clowns and so stupid too, that they would contemplate doing such a
> > thing...and the CIA is even more stupid that it would ask them to do
> > such a thing....well...on second thoughts...Castro comes to mind... :-) > > ...and it will appeal so much to the American public that it will make > > millions of dollars profit. To me, it shows just how insular and tiny > > minded those intellectuals are...They have absolutely no world vision. I
> > am laughing me sock off...:-D
> >
> > ATB Sweep
> >
> >

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