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  • From: Shaun O'Connor <capricorn8159@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2015 14:12:48 +0000

15 years old it might be. but still in a way relevant, it demonstrates
that  we are slowly delegating our  human thinking processes to computer
based devices..
providing such technology is built with appropriate safeguards then all
well and good but if we are not careful we could slip into a nightmare
scenario where bits and bytes are the only deciding factor involved in
the wheels of justice. no need for a court of law, no need for a jury.
pure cold logic will decide who lives and who doesn't..

oh and faulty design along the way that gets incorporated into the end
product but doesn't get discovered until too late.

but then maybe nature herself will wipe us all out in a trice one day
because we humans think we are lord and mater over the very fabric if
life itself.
On 13/02/2015 13:12, doug wrote:
> see url;
> http://forensic-centre.com/2013/12/18/silent-talker-featured-in-itv-documentary-the-lying-game-crimes-that-fooled-britain/
> Hi Shaun & Colleagues,
> My apologies...  I didn't realise that the software had been around
> since 2000...
> I watched a television programme last night about the recent issue of
> the software which I found very interesting...and intriguing...hence
> the posting.
>  Well worth a watch as they have been using it for analyzing proven
> liars in child abuse and murder cases.  They are still experimenting
> with it and they say it is up to 80% accurate.  However, whether that
> be advertisers blurb or optimistic academic professors at Manchester
> University seeking funding is another matter.   Of course no software
> is foolproof, just like any human beings.  And, at the moment,
> evidence obtained via its use is not admissible in a court of law in
> the UK.
> Some police interviewers are highly trained in behavioural psychology
> and observe not only what is being said by interviewees, but their
> body language as well, which in the case of lying, often contradicts
> what is being said.  Also, a lot of interviews are now video-taped and
> are being made available for analysis by psychologists who are now
> experts in the practice of the art of deception...:-) .
> Last night's viewing showed how careful examination of the body
> language of interviewees and with analysis of those trained
> psychologists, could show up those contradictions, particularly when
> the tapes were replayed over and slowed down and body and facial
> movements were examined in slow motion and more detail.  The addition
> of the software programme enhanced the analysis...
> Still, even if it is not quite so accurate as they make out, one can
> see the direction in which the research is going...
> Dougie.
> On 13/02/15 12:47, Shaun O'Connor wrote:
>> Based on the article there is room for the use case to be modified
>> therefore the degree of accuracy can be varied, hence the system is
>> only as reliable as  the supplier wants it to be. so it is a long way
>> from being foolproof.
>> On 13/02/2015 00:07, doug wrote:
>>> see url: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silent_Talker_Lie_Detector
>>> Will it replace the polygraph...I wonder...No more Clappers and
>>> Edward Snowdens...:-) . That will be the day...The wonders of new
>>> technology...
>>> ATB
>>> Dougie.
>>> .
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