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i grew up next to rocky flats plant while it was active, and was there
at the start of the decommissioning.  what people didn't understand
then, is that the winds racing down the foothills across the flats and
into adjacent neighborhoods was contaminated with plutonium released
during fires and other unanticipated releases (leaking waste storage,

the biggest hazard to communities was not direct exposure during those
brief few fires where most of the plutonium escaped into the
environment. it was afterwards, for decades, as the contamination
deposited into the soil gets stirred up by wind and re-released into
the air affecting communities down wind.

another revelation was the different effects of plutonium exposure in
children and young adults vs. adults. traditionally such radiation is
viewed like smoking - a lung cancer danger due to particulates in the
lungs.  it was later discovered that the chemistry of plutonium in a
growing body made previously "safe" level of fine contamination
significantly more detrimental as it was incorporated into the calcium
dense parts of the body like bones and liver.  these are the effects
which afflict me most - loss of liver function and a slew of odd
immune disorders resulting from B-cell lymphocyte deficiency.

the most frustrating aspect of the situation is the absolute immunity
enjoyed by egregious and callous disregard for law and nature.

"A September 11th Catastrophe You've Probably Never Heard About"

The Grand Jury was specifically advised by an Assistant U.S. Attorney
that the United States Supreme Court had determined in Train v.
COPIRG, 426 U.S.1 that no Federal law (specifically the Clean Water
Act) prohibits DOE, Rockwell, or EGG from dumping radioactive wastes
or other radioactive material directly into Standley Lake, the Great
Western Reservoir, the South Platte, or any other river or tributary
of the United States.
The pervasive nature of the illegal practices discussed in this report
may leave the Court wondering how such extensive, illegal conduct
could have continued for such a lengthy period of time. Four factors
provide a substantial explanation of how these events occurred:

(a) DOE managed the Plant with an attitude of indifference toward
environmental laws;
(b) DOE actively participated in and directed a conscious and ongoing
effort to evade the application of certain environmental laws to the
(c) the Colorado Department of Health ("CDH") and EPA were lax and
ineffective in attempting to enforce environmental laws and
regulations at the Plant; and
(d) Rockwell and it's successor (EG&G) - with the apparent knowledge
of DOE - have excused their illegal conduct by asserting that they
cannot operate the Plant without violating one or more environmental

it's not all for naught, however, as my mutant power of ungodly coding
capability continues to sustain my quest for justice where the courts
have failed us. *grin*

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