[cryptome] Re: Klayman v Clintons: Alleged Criminal Conspiracy and Racketeering

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Dear Michael,

May I say, great minds think alike... J. I am pleased that you like the quote.
It is rather good, I think too, and has stuck in my mind all of those years.
I remember now, I was about 12 years old at the time. Its origins were that I
was sitting in my chair at the morning session of the mathematics class at
school one day, when the Form teacher entered to take morning registration.
Before he arrived, there had been a great deal of speculation about the news
that the teachers were rumoured to be taking strike action for higher wages.
As the teacher, Mr. Anderson, came in, the hubbub and general melee died down
and he proceeded to tick off our names in the book.

The school operated a system of “streaming” i.e. the clever, intellectual
children who could pass exams with high grades and did their homework and
attended school and were very loyal to its aims and interested in the academic
subjects it taught were put into the top tier and received a “higher”
education, consisting of ancient languages such as Greek and Latin and modern
Russian, whilst us lot, who were rowdy, disloyal, hated wearing school uniforms
and short trousers; and were unappreciative of the great benefits which the
school offered to its pupils, got the lower end of the disbenefits. Even the
boys and the girls were kept in separate classes. We got lower French, English
Grammar, woodwork, metalwork, whilst they got hygiene and cookery science.

Towards the end of the registration, which was formal, last names were always
used, one of the boys in the class, chirped up and asked the teacher if it was
true that the teachers were going on strike for more money. All of us knew of
course, that the teachers were not allowed to talk about such things. Such
subjects were not part of the curriculum as they were considered subversive,
none of our business, and therefore not a part of freedom of thought and
speech. We were children, and destined for the lowest and worst paid jobs,
cleaners, mothers, factory workers, dustbin men, agricultural workers...All
those jobs which are so unnecessary to keep capitalism going.

There are limits and boundaries after all, in free speech and freedom of action
and our class, stupid as it was, was always finding them by breaking them. The
game became for us, how to escape the tawse School etiquette was not amongst
our strong points, and very few of us liked either French or English. The
school was in Scotland and was of a high academic standard and of good
reputation, renowned for producing Army Officers and Doctors and all that sort
of thing; and one, as a consequence, had to speak proper English, as the local
vernacular was discouraged with the cane...unless of course one was doing
“Speech Training”, then one could speak our natural old Scots language in class
with no pain. The poetry of Robert Burns was always encouraged. None, of
Class “E” liked Robert Burns and our teachers spoke English like Miss Jean
Brodie, we didn’t like speaking a Scots form of English either, but be that as
it may.

To return to my soliloquy, the teacher, in answer to the question replied,
without hesitation...you’ve guessed it,... “Curiosity killed the cat”. Quick
as a flash a little fat fellow called Billy Wilson...the classic Billy
Bunter...quipped back, ”Satisfaction brought its life back again” Which brought
the house down, even the teacher had to laugh...Our class had nothing to offer,
but eloquence...much unappreciated by control freaks...

I hope you enjoyed this little story into the origins of the saying... J.



P.S. For those of you who have never heard of Miss Jean Brodie, you can listen
to her here:



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Hi l like the cat quote.The issue of
someone,or certain parties raising
This case for no other purpose than
Its propaganda value,is almost without
question.A few years ago under a different administration the book
'On Propaganda' was required reading.
At least it seemed prominently displayed
In certain offices of our elected lawmakers. Iao

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Dear Colleagues,

“Curiosity killed the cat...Satisfaction brought its life back again...” Anon.

My curiosity having got the better of me...I have read further into this case.
To give you a small flavour of the case; here is a small excerpt from the
charges laid by Klayman. As you can see they are quite serious and, if proved,
could have huge ramifications for the USA and its Foreign policy, and for the
Clinton’s themselves. I think I shall be reading some more of this case and
following it through to its conclusion... J.





Defendants Hillary Clinton and Bill Clintons have personal, financial,
political, professional, and partisan motivations for setting up a private
email server.


Since leaving The White House in 2001, the Bill and Hillary Clinton household
has amassed a personal fortune (outside of The Clinton Foundation) of over $105
Million USD, consisting mainly of speaking fees paid to Bill Clinton from many
nations, organizations, leaders, and business interests hostile to the United
States and U.S. foreign policy and especially hostile to Israel, but flush with
cash from oil revenue or from sources doing business with oil-rich, Middle
Eastern and Arab countries.


While Defendant Hillary Clinton served in the U.S. Senate from 2001 through
2009 and as Secretary of State from 2009 through 2013, foreign governments,
foreign business interests, and wealthy businessmen and women around the world
whose interests are influenced or affected by U.S. Government policies and
actions have funneled billions of dollars in donations to The Clinton


While Defendant Hillary Clinton served in the U.S. Senate from 2001 through
2009 and as Secretary of State from 2009 through 2013, foreign governments,
foreign business interests, and wealthy businessmen and women around the world
whose interests are influenced or affected by U.S. Government policies and
actions have funneled tens of millions of dollars in speaking fees to her
husband Defendant Bill

Clinton and herself.


State, under Defendant Hillary Clinton’s leadership and control, approved of
and facilitated her husband Defendant Bill Clinton’s receipt of millions of
dollars from foreign interests including anti-Israel interests by approving
Defendant Bill Clinton’s activities in a conflict of interest process. Upon
information and belief, State, at the direction of Defendant Hillary Clinton,
funneled millions to organizations and interests in

an attempt to defeat Prime Minister Netanyahu and his Likud Party in the March
2015 parliamentary elections.


Furthermore, upon information and belief, Defendant Hillary Clinton and the
other Defendants transferred State funds to a U.S. non-profit called The
PeaceWorks Network Foundation and to “One Voice,” run by a Democrat campaign
leader, Jeremy Bird, in an effort to defeat Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu
and his Lukid Party. This action, and the appropriation of State and U.S.
taxpayer funds to finance this criminal enterprise, was obviously a quid pro
quo for contributions by Arab and Palestinian interests to The Clinton
Foundation as well as the payment of large speaking fees to Defendants Bill and
Hillary Clinton, as well as other illegal gratuities.


Indeed, these illegal organizations used U.S. taxpayer funds to bus Israeli
Arabs to the polls on March 17, 2015 to vote against Prime Minister Netanyahu,
as he opposes a Palestinian State on the West Bank and other Arab/Iranian
designs to destroy Israel.


Furthermore, the State Department expedited visas for Arab political leaders
organizing campaigns in Israel 11 against Benjamin Netanyahu to come to the
U.S. and receive political campaign training for their efforts to defeat


Defendant Hillary Clinton’s key aid Huma Abedin has relationships and
connections with the Muslim Brotherhood which facilitated access to the wealth
of oil-

rich countries and the sale of government actions hostile to Israel and helpful
to Israel’s

enemies in return for donations to The Clinton Foundation.


As an IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, Defendant the Clinton Foundation
is forbidden from engaging in foreign or domestic political campaign

End of Quote...


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This is a case about the Clintons hiding behind a charity they own, whose
computers were allegedly used as servers to send state emails, so as to avoid
scrutiny under the Freedom of the Information Act. Accusations are being made
under the RICO or racketeering act. The case is, some may say, conveniently
surfacing not long before the US Presidential elections. One could surmise
that its aim is to discredit Hilary Clinton, to the point where she does not
stand, or does not win the nomination for the Democratic Party, or does not win
the Presidential election. I dare say that there will be one coming along soon
on Zeb Bush, who is also rumoured to be standing for President, on behalf of
the Republican Party.

After briefly looking at this case. I wondered who Larry Klayman was, so I
looked him up on Goggle.

Here is what I found see url: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larry_Klayman

Now, do I waste my time trawling through the case or do I forget it...Will I
gain a valuable insight on the Clintons, their levels of security awareness,
and their attempts to hide what they have been up to? According to many of the
entries, the man appears to be somewhat of a publicity seeker...he has lost
many cases and even been barred from conducting cases in some courts. He also
has political views of an extreme kind; and an outlook on tea parties with
which I do not concur, having suffered the indirect consequences of the one
that was held all those years ago...something to do with “No taxation without
representation”.... and led to the diminishment of the British Colonial Empire.

However, on the benefit side, he has drawn considerable attention not only to
himself, and not always in the best of lights, or for the right reasons, but
which have also revealed stuff which was either not known or at least widely
known...and court cases can be so interesting for what they reveal and often
lead one to explore different associations, links and routes....Decisions,
decisions, decisions....

We already know of course that Hilary Clinton as US Foreign Secretary wanted
all of the freedom fighters, liberationists, revolutionaries, and dissidents
of the world to use certain free specialist software designed, manufactured,
and distributed by various agencies and departments and companies contracted to
the US government, so that they could subvert their own and those governments
which the US did not like, with security, safety and anonymity....The question
is though, whether Hilary knew that the antidote to the same software was being
sold to the intelligence services of those very states abroad by the same
agencies, departments and companies for profit...is another matter.



P.S. I do remember that when Richard Nixon was standing for election as
President way back whenever it was a campaign slogan which popped up its ugly
head was...” You can’t lick our Dick”...only to be withdrawn when someone
important discovered that it had other meanings and connotations...C’est la


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