[cryptome] Island Forum 2006: List of Attendees: Perceptions and/or Reality

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I know it is all way back in 2006, but I haven't found the latest list as yet. Have a little look at the credentials and backgrounds of these people on the list...in particular Mr. Jeff Jonas and Nora... Can't even use memory techniques to defeat Casinos at Blackjack or Poker days...:-) . No fun left in card sharping...all too predictable, can't even get inside the door, due to Nora guarding it.

And then...we have the ubiquitous Mr. Richard P O'Neill...he gets in everywhere don't you know...Wherever one wanders on security and intelligence issues in the late 20th and early 21st century, on activity for changing the world to US advantage through influential think tanks and lobby groups; up he pops, along with his friend, Marshall, experts on everything from total information awareness to persistence of vision and changing perceptions of reality.
If no...what do you suggest...

Have you ever wondered if there is a difference between reality and the perception of reality....If yes, then read the philosophy of phenomenology, Husserl, and of course, our old favourite, John Paul Sartre, the existentialists and Sartre's waiter. And then study Mr. Richard (Dick) P O'Neill, and Mr. Wallace. Mind you, you won't find an answer...because reality, like perceptiveness, is...relative and not objective...and they are both psychological...In my view. C'est la vie...:-)

see url: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phenomenology_%28philosophy%29
for an introduction.


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