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  • From: Chien Fume <chien.fume@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2015 19:34:58 +0200

Always interesting and informative to read your view of things.

It seems clear that all major films and series are closely monitored and
managed by the major intelligence agencies... and apparently even by China.
So whatever does manage to get past the censors is what the psychological
operations specialists want to be seen and heard. The myth of magic
technology is pervasive. In Israel, the myth of magic wonder weapons (Iron
Dome and Killer Drones) has beguiled an already befuddled population.
Common kitchen knives are currently causing tremendous damage... not merely
in the deaths, but in the panic that's followed these attacks (paralyzing
the Jewish population, energizing the Muslims).

"Homeland" is a masterpiece of disinformation and psychological warfare.
Based on an Israeli series ("Hatufim") that aired during the time of Gilad
Shalit's capitivity in Gaza, the American version has gone way beyond what
the Israeli creators did.

From my perspective, the following exchange between Quinn and Crocker is
the most important, the most truthful, and the most ignored aspect of the
actual ideology of Islam (from the beginning, right up to today, and into
the future):

00:11:51,823 --> 00:11:53,826
CROCKER: I'm asking,
is our strategy working?

00:11:53,827 --> 00:11:55,828
QUINN: What strategy?

00:11:57,997 --> 00:11:59,663
Tell me what the strategy is.

00:11:59,664 --> 00:12:01,300
I'll tell you if it's working.


00:12:10,009 --> 00:12:12,610
See, that right there
is the problem.

00:12:12,611 --> 00:12:15,780
Because they,
they have a strategy.

00:12:15,781 --> 00:12:17,683
They're gathering
right now in Raqqa

00:12:17,684 --> 00:12:20,585
by the tens of thousands.

00:12:20,586 --> 00:12:22,987
Hidden in
the civilian population.

00:12:22,988 --> 00:12:24,722
Cleaning their weapons.

00:12:24,723 --> 00:12:26,325
And they know exactly
why they're there.

00:12:26,326 --> 00:12:27,358
CROCKER: Why is that?

00:12:27,359 --> 00:12:28,859
They call it the end times.

00:12:28,860 --> 00:12:31,628
What do you think
the beheadings are about?

00:12:31,629 --> 00:12:33,397
The crucifixions in Deir Hafer?

00:12:33,398 --> 00:12:34,731
The revival of slavery?

00:12:34,732 --> 00:12:36,569
You think they make
this shit up?

00:12:36,570 --> 00:12:38,736
It's all in the book.

00:12:38,737 --> 00:12:40,271
Their fucking book.

00:12:40,272 --> 00:12:41,705
The only book they ever read.

00:12:41,706 --> 00:12:42,575
They read it all the time.

00:12:42,576 --> 00:12:43,875
They never stop.

00:12:43,876 --> 00:12:46,477
They're there
for one reason

00:12:46,478 --> 00:12:47,713
and one reason only.

00:12:47,714 --> 00:12:49,681
To die for the caliphate

00:12:49,682 --> 00:12:52,051
and usher in a world
without infidels.

00:12:53,719 --> 00:12:55,853
That's <i>their</i> strategy.

00:12:55,854 --> 00:12:58,488
And it's been that way
since the seventh century.

00:12:58,489 --> 00:13:01,493
So, do you really think that
a few special forces teams

00:13:01,494 --> 00:13:03,828
are gonna put a dent in that?

00:13:03,829 --> 00:13:06,831
Well, what would you do?

00:13:06,832 --> 00:13:08,534
QUINN: You offering me a promotion?

00:13:09,802 --> 00:13:12,638
CROCKER: I'm offering you a hypothetical.

00:13:16,342 --> 00:13:19,844
QUINN: 200,000 American troops
on the ground indefinitely

00:13:19,845 --> 00:13:22,946
to provide security and support
for an equal number of doctors

00:13:22,947 --> 00:13:25,015
and elementary school teachers.

00:13:25,016 --> 00:13:26,883
CROCKER: Well, that's
not going to happen.

00:13:26,884 --> 00:13:28,654
QUINN: Then I'd better get back there.

00:13:28,655 --> 00:13:30,355
CROCKER: What else?

00:13:30,356 --> 00:13:32,857
What else would
make a difference?

00:13:32,858 --> 00:13:36,461
QUINN: Hit reset.

00:13:36,462 --> 00:13:37,762
CROCKER: Meaning what?

00:13:37,763 --> 00:13:40,065
Meaning pound Raqqa
into a parking lot.

00:13:56,015 --> 00:13:58,316
DAR ADAL: Let's take 20.

The classical liberal (Natural Law, Natural Rights) system is losing and
will continue losing until it isn't even a memory. Why? Because it no
longer has the will to do what's necessary to preserve the liberties that
took so long to become law (not just in America). Giving more power to a
global police surveillance system has only reduced liberty. It's time to
study the past and learn how to survive in 'the underground'.

On Thu, Nov 12, 2015 at 2:44 PM, doug <douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Dear Colleagues,
As you know I do like my little bit of fiction, especially when it comes
to the intelligence services, secret agencies and such like, operating in
international politics, diplomacy and influencing or trying to change world
events on behalf of and to the advantage of their individual nation
states. I have been particularly impressed with Homeland, from its
development as a short Israeli production to the full scale US series. The
development of the story line, the complicatedness of the plotting and
planning has only been matched by the scheming and deviousness of the
actors on the main stage and sub stage of international diplomacy. The
recent series has been very good along those lines, apart from not quite
getting the recent events in Syria right, what, with the Russian
intervention and bombing the shit out of the Middle East, along with the
other democracies, was unforeseen to see the least. No wonder Europe has
so many migrants sailing in. If our western states were to spend as much
money developing the Middle East and encouraging trade, cultural exchange
and democracy as they are intent on destroying it, providing war materiels
and logistics to so called freedom fighters and illegally bringing down de
facto governments; we might see a different situation...but there you
are...that's the way of the world...and the US elections are coming up.

My only criticism of the latest series really, is that I keep getting
distracted by the poor tradecraft, particularly when it comes to the use of
digital media and mobile phones. They really need to waken up their ideas
in the Hollywood Fantasy Factory, it seems to me. It is very remiss of
them. It is almost as if other secret intelligence services don't exist or
have the same capabilities... Such an attitude is ripe for making mistakes
and miscalculations...it is an ongoing struggle...still, that is also the
way of the world. Not a lot has been learned from 9/11, technology moves

Along those lines, rather than just be negative about the production, I
thought that the latest series of Homeland should be compulsory viewing for
all CIA and NSA operatives and spies as a training film, if such a thing is
possible in a democracy... :-). They would all enjoy it I am sure and love
pointing out all the failings, so that one day we can get perfect spying,
perfect betrayal and perfect undiscoverability... :-). In fact a perfect
world, where everyone and everything is in its place, and there is nuffink
but equality of domination...:-).
Just a thought... :-). Carrie on with the good work... :-).

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