[cryptome] Cell Phone Investigations: A Manual for Effective Policiing & Protecting Civil Liberties

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see url: https://cryptome.org/2015/11/Cell-Phone-Investigations.pdf

An interesting education into U.S. Legal and digital forensic theory put into practice by the police when it comes to getting data and evidence of a crime which is admissible in court. Almost as good as the law enforcement interview techniques which gains more evidence from the interviewee, than using torture, inhumane treatment or enhanced torture techniques... :-). You can even download a sample search warrant...(just in case you ever need to check its legal validity)... :-).

One quote I liked from the author, was how unfortunate it was that some citizen searches were protected by the U.S. Constitution, if only because the legal formalities were so complicated, time consuming and expensive to put into operation. Terrible situation really, just think how much money and law enforcement labour could be achieved by removing such safegaurds... :-). There is nuffink better than the cheapest administration of justice for protecting and securing the citizen from the nasty criminals and acts which abound in the world...:-).

In the UK of course, where there is no constitutional right freeing one from self-incrimination, the situation is somewhat different regarding evidence obtained by law enforcement via fishing expeditions; such evidence is often deemed allowable in a court of law. It doesn't matter if the catching of the poacher by the gamekeeper, is obtained by the gamekeepers' own illegal fishing expedition... evidence of any breach of the criminal code is enough to overcome any human right...:-).

Using a mobile phone is definitely the best way of keeping an accurate diary of your whos, whens, wheres, whats and hows, and for how long. You should always make sure you back your data up too, to the cloud, big mistake just backing it up elsewhere... Cheating can be very difficult, computer and digital forensics are so good, that even if deletion and amendment takes place by any party to the proceedings; with the right forensic tools, one can take the storage medium back through each change, right to when it was in virgin manufactured condition, I believe. (Now where did I read that...must have been some research paper on Cryptome...:-). Still one should never believe what one reads anywhere, including Cryptome.
One of the unstated reasons why, I presume, that it is impossible for the law enforcement of the USA to return Diane Roark's hard disks.

Any hanky panky done to the disks, (if they haven't been destroyed whether under seal or not) wouldn't be erasable...Another reason for not returning them is that it would be possible to discover whether there was or wasn't classified material on them in the first place...Perhaps her assertion that, apart from the exceptions which she has admitted to would be found to be true, an outcome which would be very embarrassing at least for intelligence establishment.

Maybe one day she will get a blob of metal made from her hard disks returned to her in the post...:-).

P.S. Can one delete a file from any digital storage medium without leaving a trace...One wonders...or is my assertion but a mere figment of my imagination...

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