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Tallahassee, Florida (AP)  March 31, 2005

      Working well into the evening, the Florida legislature passed
"George's Law", named after noted euthanasia advocate George
Felos who orchestrated the death of Theresa Marie Shindler Schiavo
in Pinellas Pines this morning.

     The new law, which passed by thin margins in both legislative houses, 
the mandatory withdrawal of feeding tubes from a wide variety of
hospital and convalescent home patients, including infants with
birth defects, stroke victims, and those with brain damage.
Also included were those with Down Syndrome and epileptics
who cannot feed themselves.

     The most controversial part of the bill was that which mandated feeding
tube removal for anyone who attains the age of 80, no matter what
their state of health.  This age will be gradually reduced to 75 over the
next ten years.  According to a senator who wished to remain 
anonymous, this legislation will save Florida taxpayers at least $52 mllion
in Medicaid expenses in 2006 alone.

     Governor Jeb Bush has not yet signed the bill into law, pending
receipt of a Zogby poll commissioned to ascertain the depth of support
among younger Florida voters.   An earlier AARP poll revealed that
senior citizens oppose "George's Bill" by a 12 to 1 margin.

      Contacted outside the Woodside Hospice in Pinellas Pines, 
George Felos expressed delight that the legislature had finally
passed the bill.  "I am proud of our lawmakers who saw through
the mean-spirited selfishness of Florida's useless eaters, and
their rabid and vicious attacks on this new law which will enable
them to be put out of their misery with dignity, with a complimentary 
stuffed animal under each arm."

      Robert N. Lynch, bishop of St. Petersburg, did not return
repeated phone calls asking for his thoughts on the new law.  One chancery
spokeswoman did say he was praying that those on both sides
of the issue would tone down their rhetoric. sic!  

or is it sick!

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