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Well Neville did tell me that I can be controversial here. He has =
suspended me more than once on the geocentrism list , so here is =
something to feast on.=20
from , http://www.traditio.com/comment/com0504.htm
if you want to get more.=20

Marty Minto (An evangelical Christian talk-show host ) and Popes.=20
We might say to our participants at the outset of what will be a long =
period of daily news developments around the death of JPII and =
subsequent events, that raw press stories from Rome can never be =
accepted at face value. First of all, Newvatican lies in its own =
interest. Secondly, press reports are written by people who know very =
little about Catholicism and the Church. That is why, for an informed =
viewpoint, one must rely on analytical sources of long experience, like =

We saw the "Year of the Three Popes" -- the death of Paul VI, the =
election of John Paul I, the death of John Paul I, and the election of =
John Paul II. We saw the death of John XXIII and of Pius XII. We have =
been Catholic from the beginning -- not converted, not reverted --, but =
rock-solid traditional Roman Catholic, with the emphasis on Roman.=20

Thus, we will fill in for you the gaps that others leave out and correct =
the ignorant statements that you will hear from the raw press. Moreover, =
we will screen out the propaganda of the Church of the New Order and =
tell it "like it is." As our participants know, for over ten years now, =
TRADITIO, the Dean of Traditional Roman Catholic Internet Sites, has =
told it to you straight and independent. Some people don't like our =
directness and independence (but they continue to read us!).=20

To them we say, if you want pabulum fit for children, read the secular =
press or go Newchurch sites. Read the here-today-gone-tomorrow sites =
that have no background in Catholicism, let alone traditional =
Catholicism. There are plenty of them that will spin the line of the =
counterfeit Church of Love or Church of the New Springtime until you =
can't wait to return to the honesty of TRADITIO.=20


April 19 - Within the Octave of St. Joseph (Semidouble Feast)
Doubt the Sanctity of JPII, Lose Your Job
From: Fr. Moderator=20
Pastor Marty Minto
Questioned JPII's Sanctity and Was Fired
Well, Marty, Quite a Number of Catholics Agree with You
An evangelical Christian talk-show host who entertained a caller's =
question about whether the late JPII would go to heaven has been fired. =
Marty Minto, 39, a senior pastor with three years' experience as host on =
WORD-FM in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as well as stints in three other =
cities, was told that he was alienating listeners.=20

Minto fielded a question from a caller who asked whether the pope would =
go to heaven. Many evangelical Christians believe that someone must be a =
"born-again" believer to enter heaven. Minto, who is also senior pastor =
of the 100-member Turning Point Community Church, said he told the =
caller that whether someone was born-again was personal and "between an =
individual and the Creator."=20

Well, Pastor Minto, you might be surprised to learn that a lot of =
Catholics are questioning the very same thing. Of course, there has been =
a total media blackout on the question, but Church history would lead =
one to believe that quite a number of the 260-odd popes are in the =
Inferno, and most of the rest in the Purgatorio. On the other hand, =
there have been only two recognized pope-saints in the past 700 years.!=20


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