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Can anyone tell me the scoop on the .Net CF framework runtime?  It seems
*some* devices have it in ROM and some don't?  My IPAQ 4100 seems to have
it, but the more recent AXIM X30 doesn't seem to?  The only redistributable
I've seem to find is a whopping 14 megs for CF!!!?  Is this true?

-Rick Sands

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I was contacted by a recruiter this week about an immediate short-term
contract opportunity that I don't have the time to pursue.  It's in NYC,
which could be a problem...or could be fun, depending on your situation.
Anyone else interested?  


   Short term assignment, 6-8 weeks, ON SITE ONLY. - New York City High
hourly rate is possible.

  Client is seeking a hit-the-ground-running developer for the Palm
The position requires C#, wireless development on the Palm, strong data
encryption with SSL Socket, and SQL-Server (for accessing the backend
Must have good verbal communications skills.

  Since candidate needs to be productive on day 1, client needs to do a face

to face interview.  The candidate would need to:
1. Bring his/her own laptop with *Visual Studio* and *Codewarrior
development environments* installed.
 2. Have a  working Palm application and conduit that they have written with
design documentation (if available).
The test will consist of showing the application, code, data structures,
etc. in order to demonstrate his/her abilities. If they like what we see, we
will be prepared to negotiate a deal on the spot and have them working the
next day.
Your assistance would be greatly appreciated, Sincerely,  

Norman Dachman
Concepts in Staffing, Inc.
9 East 37th St.,  3rd Floor
New York, NY  10016
direct tel. #: 212-294-2437

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