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Can anyone tell me the scoop on the .Net CF framework runtime?  It seems
*some* devices have it in ROM and some don't?  My IPAQ 4100 seems to have
it, but the more recent AXIM X30 doesn't seem to?  The only redistributable
I've seem to find is a whopping 14 megs for CF!!!?  Is this true?

The Compact Framework has a machine image of about 1.5 mB. Visual Studio installs it (if necessary) when you deploy to a device that does not have it installed. If you create a deployment project, and use the Cab Wizard, you can include the Compact Framework in the cab. Then, if the target device DOES NOT already have it installed, it will be deployed at the time that your application is setup.

Realize that the Compact Framework is usable on Pocket PC 2002 and later (Windows Mobile 2003, etc.), and Windows CE 4.x devices. Earlier versions of PPC and Windows CE cannot load and use the Compact Framework.


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