[CoMoDev] Interesting interview with David Nagel

  • From: David Beers <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 08:14:37 -0600

The Palm dev folks in particular will enjoy this interview with the PalmSource 
CEO, who unsurprisingly is bullish on the Palm OS:


Some highlights:

On wireless:

"Some 80% of our development efforts are now focused on cell-phone products, 
including smartphones and communicators."

On Java: 

"At PalmSource we are very strong supporters of Java, and we have licensed J9, 
a very high-performance version of Java, from IBM. At least on Java benchmarks, 
it gives the best run-time performance we are aware of, and we have made it 
available to all licensees."

On the Palm OS market share: 

"In the US market, Palm OS is absolutely the leader. NPD has tracked sales, and 
according to their figures, Palm OS has a 78% market share in the latest 
reporting month. We have seen almost zero erosion due to Pocket PC, and the 
ratio of retail Palm OS device sales to Pocket PC device sales is still nearly 
4:1 in our favor. Symbian OS is not even a factor in the handheld market. In 
the US, Palm OS is also the number one platform for smartphones. In Japan, Palm 
OS is number one for PDAs ? not for smartphones yet, in Japan, but we will work 
to fix that!  Overall, we have about 50% of the world market for handhelds."

On the flat market for PDAs:

"According to a recent estimate by Gartner, the world market for PDAs has 
improved and shown the first growth in two and a half years."

On the future of Palm OS on cheap cellular handsets:

"Palm OS is compact and has great run-time efficiency, so as prices come down, 
we will be able to support low-cost devices more easily than can vendors of 
Symbian or Pocket PC devices. Palm OS is generally smaller and more run-time 
efficient than even Linux."


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