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MobileAppTrends NewsletterGuys

        I think that you might like this newsletter.

Mark Moss

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        Below is a new e-newsletter put out by 101communications read it and 
tell me what you think.  If you find it to be worthwhile you can blast it to 
the guys on the email list.

Mark Moss

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      MobileAppTrendsMichael Alexander, Newsletter Editor Thursday, April 21, 

      Introducing ADT's brand-new e-newsletter, MobileAppTrends 
            IN THIS ISSUE
              a.. Introducing ADT's brand-new e-newsletter, MobileAppTrends 
              b.. Worldwide manufacturer syncs HQ, sales force with Saratoga 
              c.. Microsoft and RIM sign pact for IM and presence 
              a.. Attend Webinar by Sybase: Technology Boost Alert 
              Thursday, May 12, 2005; 1 pm EST; 10 am PST

              b.. NEW! Be the first to read "A Guide to Software Configuration 

              c.. Read "A Guide to Business Intelligence" now.

            SPONSORAttend Webinar by Sybase: Technology Boost Alert
            Thursday, May 12, 2005; 1 pm EST; 10 am PST 
            Register now for Sybase's live webinar, "Technology Boost Alert: 
Taking Data Modeling to the Next Level." With IT departments under pressure to 
better understand the business users, and at the same time needing to reduce 
project time and costs, a model-driven approach to align business and IT is the 
answer. Don't get stuck using old technologies because you're using a tool from 
the 20th century. Learn about PowerDesigner, the modeling tool for the 21st 

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            Introducing ADT's brand-new e-newsletter, MobileAppTrends
            By ADT Staff 
            ADT's newest e-newsletter is tailored to track developments in 
mobile apps for enterprises. With an expected 50 million end users looking to 
access their companies' applications using wireless handhelds over the next few 
years, the unplugged revolution has begun. MobileAppTrends keeps you plugged in 
to how enterprises are developing, deploying, and managing wireless platforms.

            ADT recently introduced other new e-newsletters, SOATrends and 

            SOATrends covers trends in service-oriented architectures. This new 
e-newsletter will help readers make sense of the myriad Web services and XML 
standards emerging from standards bodies as well as from vendors. The focus 
will be on the ways that standards and best practices can meet the needs of 
architects and developers working on real-world business applications.

            DataTrends, a new e-newsletter from ADT, covers database 
management, data integration and business intelligence tools and applications. 
Interviews and analysis by industry experts help readers navigate the maze of 
issues surrounding management of enterprise information.

            To provide easier access to the content you want, ADT gave 
makeovers to eADT, Java Development Trends, and Programmers Report!

            eADT, the e-newsletter that focused on app dev news and expert 
analysis, has debuted with its new look and its new name, AppTrends. AppTrends 
includes enhancements such as Web search capabilities.

            Java Development Trends, the e-newsletter that covered enterprise- 
level Java development and news from the Java open-source community, has 
premiered as JavaTrends. JavaTrends improves on the original with the latest 
information on emerging Java standards.

            Programmers Report, the e-newsletter that provided tips for 
programming team leaders and coders working in the trenches, has been released 
as ProgrammingTrends. ProgrammingTrends features news, from strategies and 
techniques to tools and utilities.

            SPONSORNEW! Be the first to read "A Guide to Software Configuration 
            As development schedules become even more aggressive and 
requirements constantly change, more incremental or iterative approaches are 
gaining popularity. To learn about the configuration management tools, design 
tools and project management tools which support this change in style, read 
"Guide to Software Configuration Management," from ADT's Lunch Break Series. 

            Click here for details. 

            Worldwide manufacturer syncs HQ, sales force with Saratoga Wireless
            By Lana Gates
            Phoenix Contact, a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of 
industrial automation, interconnection and interface solutions, needed an 
enterprise solution to keep its sales force up to date with its headquarters 
without a lot of additional work. The Lotus Notes r5 shop, with U.S. 
headquarters in Harrisburg, Pa., had equipped its sales force with laptops 
where each had its own local database. But that local database had to be 
synchronized and replicated to a central database.

            That created quite a challenge for the sales force that was on the 
road up to five days a week. Replication and synchronization "just didn't 
happen during the week," notes Larry Bassett, IT director. "Information never 
got to the centralized data store until the weekend." Instead, the company had 
a great deal of inefficient communication because its systems weren't up to 

            Phoenix Contact tried PDAs but found they were lacking as far as an 
enterprise solution was concerned. So the company set out to find an end-to-end 
solution that it could deploy quickly, easily integrate with its back-end 
systems and that didn't require a lot of support, Bassett says.

            SPONSORRead "A Guide to Business Intelligence" now. 
            "A Guide to Business Intelligence" features an overview of BI as 
well as in-depth coverage of related issues. Do you know the difference between 
dashboards and scorecards? The difference between analytic development 
environments and integrated development environments? Learn about these terms, 
discover ways to align business and IT goals, and find out how derive value 
from overwhelming amounts of data. Download "A Guide to Business Intelligence" 

            Click here for details. 

            Microsoft and RIM sign pact for IM and presence
            By ADT Staff
            Microsoft and Research In Motion have announced an agreement to 
provide enterprise instant messaging and presence to BlackBerry subscribers 
based on Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 and BlackBerry 
Enterprise Server.

            Enterprises are using Live Communications Server to deploy IM and 
presence capabilities across their networks and through federated connections 
with other organizations running Live Communications Server. 

            Live Communications Server provides a platform for the development 
of custom real-time communications solutions across PC networks, desktop phone 
systems and mobile devices and is based on Session Initiation Protocol and SIP 
for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions standards.

            FEATURE LINKS
            Innovator Awards 2005
            Congratulations to the companies who won first place in this year's 
categories--data warehousing, open source, application engineering, e-business 
application development, middleware/application integration and component-based 

            Self-Service Data Warehouses
            An SOA linked to a data warehouse can reduce costs, speed access to 
information and ultimately increase revenue.

            Web Services Orchestration Waits for Standards Harmony
            The concept of coordinating Web services within a service-oriented 
architecture is generating some buzz, but would-be implementers are waiting for 
standards to mature.


            UPCOMING EVENTSSybase Webinar: Technology Boost Alert: Taking Data 
Modeling to the Next Level,
            May 12, 
            1 pm EST/10 am PST 


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