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  • Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2018 09:57:07 -0400

Sounds like a film we should all take a look at so that we can consider it for the film series.


On 11/1/2018 3:31 PM, Nancy Meader wrote:

Hello all,
    Back home and settling into my take on Genesis 2.0. We agreed that it is overly long - enough so to weigh negatively upon some viewers, but that it also presents an intriguing and thought provoking potpourrie of content. And it is full of stunning scenes and imagery as well. I fully agree with Joel that as a result of its difficult content and its many rather drawn out episodes,- which a good editor could have eliminated without sacrificing any crucial material by simply trimming shots to their essences - the film, if chosen, should indeed be placed at the series' end.
    Joel called it, offhand, a documentary horror film, and certainly the distinctive score - call it Hans Zimmer meets Phillip Glass? - deliberately adds to that feeling. I actually dug that side of things big time. And in sum I am thinking that the film's structure alone makes it worth considering further. (Cinema Explorations, after all). Moreover, the issues raised in the piece, along with some others pointedly shown to be missing, are of immense importance.
    The film is going to stick with me. And I'm with the voice over woman. It's hitting the fan!.
Pura vida,     Abbott

Laurie Graves

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