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tim i have a scanner christine
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  Thanks, Joe. I'd appreciate the opportunity to skim through the book 
sometime. If you ever think to bring it on Friday, I'll take a look. Kate Powers


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  Hi:  Some of you were asking about the Stay-at-Home Dad book that is 
advertised on our site.  This book is by Libby Gill, who is from 
California...husband is a SAHD.  A little write up about her from her publisher 
is on our website.  I have had a few E-mail conversations with her...she said 
our group is listed in her book.  Anyway, I put us on as an affiliate of 
Amazon.com so that if anyone buys the book through our site...we get a small 
percentage (13% I think).  Not much but it will help with  Website cost, stamps 
and all that other good stuff.  If over and above (we sell hundreds of the 
book) -will put towards Dads night out or something.   Also - if you do buy 
stuff through Amazon anyway (we do...a lot!) - use the Amazon link on our 
website and we'll get credit for sales other than the SAHD book.

  So that's the scoop...actually have two book sales as of now, and the book 
isn't even out yet.

  Also - I receive a press release picture in the mail of the author, and if 
any of you have a scanner...would you mind scanning it for me?


  Thats it!

  See ya soon.




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