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Hi Mike,  Will work for me as long as free food is available.  Let me know the 
I'll also be there the week before to do a deep cleaning with another group.  
I'm glad so many are willing to help out the Early Childhood Center - they do 
so much for the community and now on a shoestring budget. This kind of thing 
saves them ton's of money.  Thanks for setting this up...hopefully more than 3 
people of the 40 your email went to will help out...we should be able to get it 
done in no time!  


ps  they are providing the paint, brushes, etc aren't they?
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      I received an email from Kate Powers of the Children's Home asking if 
Saturday, May 31st would be a good day to paint the room we use.  My 
understanding is that the job involves applying one coat of the existing color 
of paint to the walls.  The paint is to be provided by the Children's Home.  
      While I'm no expert, my guess is that it will take at least 3 people, six 
to eight hours, to finish the job.  That's why a Saturday was selected.  It 
also allows the kids to stay at home with mom and not be a concern.  
      For those who are willing and able to help, please reply to this email.  
By Friday, I need to forward the list of names to Kate so she can plan for the 
      Thanks in advance.

  Mike L.

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