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WMD Basic Awareness Training Program Available Free to Local Response

Washington, D.C. - The Weapons of Mass Destruction Basic Awareness Training
program is currently available through the DHS' Office for Domestic
Preparedness (ODP) via Community Research Associates free of charge to
American emergency response agencies and organizations for a limited time.
There is no cost for the shipping.

This program was designed to help state and local jurisdictions --
especially those in rural areas -- prepare for terrorism incidents.
Employing compressed video and Microsoft PowerPoint slides to deliver clear,
concise instruction on desktop or laptop computers (both Windows and
Macintosh platforms) the WMD Basic Awareness Training program delivers the
essentials in a unique student-driven interactive environment.

The program even supports (though does not require) interfacing with
Internet-based resources to enhance the learning experience.

The WMD Basic Awareness Training program content has been developed over a
two-year period using the most current and accurate information available
and meets all course curriculum standards of the Office for Domestic
Preparedness, Department of Homeland Security and the National Fire Academy.

The program features compressed video linked to PowerPoint slides -- which
means the entire program fits onto two CD-ROMs. Students can stop and
restart presentations at will to memorize, review or clarify points. A list
below the instructor's window provides access to frequently-asked questions,
on-disk reference materials, or related Web sites.

The program covers:

*       Basic awareness, including discussion of the Federal Response and
Terrorism Plans; 
*       Chemical and physical properties of WMD agents; 
*       Most common chemical and biological agents; 
*       Incendiary/explosive agents; 
*       Nuclear agents; and 
*       Personal protective equipment and safety issues.

Please send your request messages, including the agency you represent and
your mailing address, to lwilliams@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, or Loretta
Williams, Assistant Project Director, Community Research Associates, 625
North Washington Street, Suite 200, Alexandria, VA 22314, 703-535-5213, Fax:

For more information, visit www.wmd-training.org.

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Randall W. Ruble

624 North Dutton 

Pittsfield, IL 62363


FAX  303-736-7079  


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