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  • Date: Tue, 07 Sep 2004 23:41:06 +0100

Hi Steven, hello all,

-Also, I came up with a new feature which wasn't planned at all
:attraction animation. Very trippy. :-)

*starts drooling*
wagblt dogs idt ahmnad? *gulp* what does it animate?  Changing
parameters, changing rendering maps, changing angle, or all 3?  or
something else?

Something else I'm afraid. There won't be any proper animation module UI before 1.0 because it's going to be a hugely complex task to put something together which will handle, as you enumerated them, all things modifiable in a project.

I can't find the page where I saw that concept first, but it's very simple : you create a swarm of points in 3D space and iterate the equation for each of them. The attractor appears slowly and you see all the points orbiting around it. It works best on Lorenz equations with low dT (so the points are slow enough) and it can produce a really weird result for some specific attractors.

You'll be able to modify the viewpoint and the parameters, as usual, during the animation.

Remember batch rendering will be included in 0.3, so animating attractors will be possible.

Nicolas Desprez
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