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thank you very much for this tip.
I found out that it is also very easy to get transparency for a plasma or light mode render.
Just render a normal plasma or light mode render. Then, switch the mode to gas and render again.
You can use this picture as a mask overlay applied to the light/plasma mode rendered picture within your grafic application.

Have fun


Hi Buddy and everybody

Langston, Buddy a écrit :

Thanks, Is there a reason why the app does not support changing the background color in other modes?

- Buddy

You can change background color in Gas and Liquid mode too. It's defined by the very first color of the color map file. Of course you have to do it "by hand" using a text editor, editing directly the map file or the csproj file. For transparency, in solid mode you can export the opacity mask, it's in the same menu option than "save picture". You can save picture and if you click on the arrow near "Bitmap 24 bits (*.bmp), you'll find "opacity mask (*.bmp)" or something like that (I use french version). Use this useful feature it you plan to use Chaoscope pictures in a graphic editor with layer support.
For other modes I don't know why we can't change the background color, it's hard coded, only Nicholas could answer you ;-) But remember Chaoscope is "only" a V.0.3, so it will grow up to at least V 1.0. Not so bad for a so young baby no ;-)

Have FUN !!!
Axone Man

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Hi Buddy,

How do I set the background color of the render window, say to white?

You can only change background color in solid mode. Just double-click on the color next to 'Background' and change it to whatever you like.

Support for transparency would be great too.
The next version of Chaoscope should support png, so it is likely that transparency will be supported. As for now, you may play with layers in screen mode in your favourite image processing software.


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