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  • From: "Marjo & Charles Lips" <familylips@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 18:16:32 +1300

Hey, Axone Man, nice to hear from you again, we were for a too brief but 
glorious time fellows in the elite Quat group, remember that? I'm Charles Lips. 
Thanks for your friendly reply to my post, I will check out all your tips.
Make any good ChaoScope images lately?
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  Hi everybody

  Marjo & Charles Lips a écrit : 
    This may have been remarked on before, but I've just noticed that some 
parameters can be manually adjusted: Gamma, Opacity and Roughness can be set to 
any value by typing it in, beyond what can be set with the slide. This makes 
for some interesting effects. Unfortunately the number of iterations always 
reverts back to the maximum of 4.29 billion which is a pity because some images 
need more, especially at larger sizes. I don't know why this limit is there.
  This limit is a just a matter of binary computing. Computer only knows binary 
(0 and 1) and needs to convert it into decimal. In a computer, in 32 bits,  
4.294.967.295 is the biggest you can handle if you count from zero (unsigned 
integer) it represents 11111111111111111111111111111111 in binary computer 
format. I suspect the next version will erase this limit allowing you 
overnights of rendering time ;-) However, except for number of iterations, you 
can modify all parameters just entering them in input fileds and confirming 
them by the "return" key. This way you can find some gems over the slider 

    I wish ChaoScope had many more attractor types to choose from. I have a 
small DOS attractor generator of - I think - less than 100 kB which specifies 
about 30 different types. But perhaps it is a lot of work to implement each new 
    I also wish lighting angles and sources in solid mode could be manually 
set, you seem to be able to generate angles randomly with Ctrl+R but not 
otherwise, unless I would try to manually edit the parameter file I suppose.
  You can tweak lot of parameters including lighting ones using Ani4Chaoscope 
available here:
  http://axoneman.com/Ani4Chaoscope/Ani4Chaoscope2.0.3_GB.zip   (english 
  http://axoneman.com/Ani4Chaoscope/User%20Guide%20GB.zip    (user guide)
  A french version is also available here:
  http://axoneman.com/Ani4Chaoscope/Ani4Chaoscope2.0.3_FR.zip  (français)
  http://axoneman.com/Ani4Chaoscope/Mode%20emploi%20FR.zip    (mode d'emploi)

    I am not complaining, just wishing, I am grateful for the wonderful program.
  Me too :-)

    I have spent a frustrating few weeks trying to make a good image based on a 
solid render that I made. I just can't get it right. When I do you will be the 
first to know.

  Thanks for your links and parameters.

    Lastly a random thought, I heard about new horizons in home computing where 
it will become possible to create real objects directly from your home 
computer: so you can as it were print stuff.
    Fab Labs this was called I think. Anyway, I have often thought some solid 
renders would make great pottery models, although you would never capture the 
fine complicated lines in clay. But wouldn't it be great if you could create a 
real object defined by a Chaoscope attractor? I would like to have a Chaotic 
Flow fruit bowl.
  Batsheba Grossman uses some attractors in her fantastic pieces of art. Just 
have a look here, her work is amazing.

  Have FUN !!!
  Axone Man

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