[chai-t] Reminder: Meeting tomorrow 3:30pm - Peter Mac Seminar Room 1

  • From: "Rose William" <William.Rose@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <chai-t@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2012 12:46:45 +1000

Hi all,
A quick reminder that we are on for tomorrow at 3:30pm in EDU Seminar
Room 1 at Peter Mac. I have Monte Carlos (and more): please don't make
me eat them all myself.
Proposed Agenda

2.      ABF Update -- apparently a "whole bunch of stuff" was coming
from IHPA, NHPA, etc "at the end of March". This happened, but
apparently it's only released to State Government at present and we are
not privy to the details. I'd like to spend 5-10 minutes seeing if other
stuff has come through or whether there are special codewords to get you
access to the doco.
        Dashboards -- what's planned at the sites working actively on
these, and what advice do sites that have them wish they'd had.
        Chris Macmanus is happy to present on his work plan, others
welcome to join in.
        QlikView -- I have made a very quick demo using our inpatient
data to show what I like about the tool. If others have something they
can remote desktop to, or otherwise bring in on a USB, please do so. I'd
be interested to see how people are going to use it or roll it out.
        CHADx grouper -- the Health Round Table have started producing
reports on complications by CHADx groups
yProgram-08_CostHAD> , yet I can't find any place where there is a
grouper for these. I've started tinkering with building my own -- it
would be good to do it in a way that people can reuse if there is
        Chat about the old times.

We might not completely address everything: I'm happy to carry some
stuff over and reorder to suit interest.
I had an item for interhospital balances (aka why does my CFO want me to
write a web app for this), but after digging further here it turns out
this is being chased up through a different group as to whether
HealthSMART's Oracle team can build it as a report in Discoverer. Happy
to put it back on the agenda if there's been work done at other sites to
help this.
I would also like to point out that the mailing list archives are
currently publicly accessible -- as in they appear on Google. I think I
can change this if people would prefer it to be private.
Kind regards,
William Rose
Business Intelligence Manager
Information Management
+61 3 9656 5231   |   Level 8, St Andrews Place, East Melbourne VIC 3002

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