[chadfree] Re: I'll try this here first.

  • From: -{ Rene Brehmer }- <metalbunny@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: chadfree@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2004 18:20:56 +0100

Atleast in AdAware I believe you can "except" some cookies from being 
detected ... dunno about the others ... I'm busy beta-testing 40tude Dialog 
and programming my forum system, while attending school at the same time, 
so don't really have the time to get into testing all the other 
anti-spyware programs yet... (so sorry if this is basically useless)....


At 09:08 18-04-2004, you wrote:
>So as to help test freelist I will post this question here as it is not 
>life or death LOL.  I have several programs running on my computer to help 
>keep the spyware out.  I'm currently using Winpatrol, Spybot, Adaware, 
>Spywareguard, Spyware blaster, and
>Pest Patrol.  Since running this combination the only spyware I ever find 
>on my computer is the occasional tracking cookie which I usually delete or 
>put in the ignore list.  The problem is with my Google cookies.  I like to 
>keep my settings on Google to
>  open results in a new window and here recently something has been 
> deleting my Google cookies.  Annoying because I won't notice it until 
> after I've already closed the only open IE window and then I'm sitting 
> there using some very choice words.  I've bee
>n able to rule out adaware because I don't have it set up to automatically 
>scan and run all my scans with it manually.  I know it's not PestPatrol or 
>WinPatrol because I've checked all my settings there.  I also don't belive 
>that S
>  pybots immunize feature is to blame because it would block it in the 
> first place.  I think spywaregaurd or spywareblaster is killing my Google 
> cookies.  I don't care if they do track me I want my Google cookies 
> back.  They couldn't track me very far an
>yhow LOL.  Anyone else here using either of these products experiencing 
>this problem or know of anything else that could be causing the 
>problem?  By the way, I'm using OE 6 and have yet to have any problems 
>here on freelists.  TIA

Rene Brehmer
aka Metalbunny

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