<CT> Speaking of 3.11 ...

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  • Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2001 09:42:00 -0400

On Thu, 05 Apr 2001 15:26:02 +0100, Erwin Dokter <edokter@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> just a little teaser for what's new in Calmira II 3.11 ...

This may be way off topic, but I've been playing with another 3.11, 
namely Windows for Workgroups 3.11, along with DR-DOS 7.03. I have DR-
DOS set up on a 386 with Windows 3.1 running on top of it. The 386 is 
networked to a 6x86, also running DR-DOS 7.03 with the Personal 
Netware that comes with DR-DOS. The 6x86 dual-boots Win95 and DR-DOS 
using Disk Manager.

Then I started to upgrade the Windows 3.1 to Windows for Workgroups 
3.11, with the network running. When I tried to install Microsoft 
Networking in WfW 3.11, I got a message saying I was trying to 
install an NDIS network driver on the same NIC as an ODI network 
driver (if I remember the alphabet soup correctly) and I couldn't do 
that on one adapter.

Is there any way around that? Specifically, I would like to use the 
386 to connect a 286 running DR-DOS with the 6x86 running Win95 (just 
to say I did it). Can it be done with one NIC? Two NICs (but I'm 
running low on IRQs)?

Martin B. Brilliant at home in Holmdel, NJ
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