<CT> Slightly OT Q-Basic under Win95 vs Win31/DOS

  • From: William C Andrews <uncwilly@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2003 21:48:59 PDT

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Hi folks,

Been a while since I spoke up in either of these locations.
I have a small difficulty, and figured that maybe one of 
the gurus on these lists might know the solution.

I have a QBasic program that I wrote and use on a Win3.1/DOS
machine.  It runs no problem in or out of Win.  A friend 
wants to use it on his WinXP machine.  So I tested it on 
my Win98 machine.  Ooops.

It appears that QBasic does not read the keyboard scancodes
properly under Win9X.  The bits of code relevent to the 
situation are:

ON KEY(5) GOSUB Addmin
ON KEY(6) GOSUB Submin
KEY 15, CHR$(0) + CHR$(57)
ON KEY(15) GOSUB Pause
stoptime = TIMER
restarttime = TIMER
starttime = starttime + (restarttime - stoptime)

The function keys are read properly as is ESC in the pause
loop.  But the space bar is not.  It is being used to
pause because it is big and easy to slap.

Any help would be appreciated.   I have been looking to 
recode this program into C, but the KEY and TIMER functions
don't seem to be available.

-- .
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