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 Subject: <CT> Re: Quick Launch Area on Calmira II 3
 Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 10:15:27 -0400
 Although I haven't tried it yet, the deletion of folder Tray in order to
 save 4 or 5% of WinResources is wonderful and the way I would chose to use
 Calmira, on a minimalist basis.  Would a simple renaming of the Tray Folder
 also do the trick?  If this trick doesn't interfere with the other
 functionality of Calmira, would it be possible to have these types of visual
 conveniences set as 'options' instead of part of the de >>

Hmm, I didn't try that, but I suppose it would work as well as
deleting the directory!  Might have to give that a test run!  I 
agree that maybe that should be part of the options instead
of default...on a Win3X system, every little percent of resources
can mean the difference between smooth running and lockup!
Erwin?  What do you think?

Also, on a different note, some discussion was on the list
about posting a plain "ZIP" of Calmira II 3.3 release...I'm
currently working on that one too.  When finished, I'll post
the URL if anyone wants it.

>>My big problem right now is with exitexec.  (BTW, the calmira.org 
download page states exitexec is included with calmira 3.0...that may 
be but it isn't included with 3.3.)  I am now installing some 
old DOS games.  I'll use Epic's Jazz Jackrabbit for example.  It 
seems to run ok in windows but accidentally pressing [alt]+[space], 
which is easy to do, minimizes the window and would be very confusing 
for a small kid.  So I thought this would be a good use for exitexec.

I didn't include all of your post, but from what I can tell it appears
you may have an older "Help" file...ExitExec was dropped about
2 or 3 releases back, around 3.1, any references to this should
be ignored.  To run those DOS games outside of Windows, I think
now the preferred method is to use a BATCH program, or a SCRIPT,
to basically shutdown Windows and Calmira, run your DOS app,
then restart Windows upon exiting the DOS application...At the
moment I don't have any DOS applications that need the full
attention of the system, hehe, but I think that is how it is done.
Check through the Help file again, look for Enable Scripts and
see if this helps.  To create alias files, you now should use a
"right click", to popup a menu, then choose Create Alias, if I
remember correctly on this.  You can set the other option that
you mentioned in the Start Menu, Settings, System settings
I think.  That is also where you change the "Open in new window"
so that opening a folder will use the same Explorer window.

I think that just about covers it...
Good Luck all...See you later!

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