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 How do you get a command line interface on WIN98? I'd really like
 to do that.
 George Stilwell >>

Probably the easiest way is to download TWEAKUI for Win98, and
then install it.  It runs as a My Computer applet, and contains a 
variety of "tweaks" which you may be interested in.  Microsoft should
still have TweakUI for Win98 on their web site.  I have TweakUI for
Win95, and also one called X-Setup 2.0 for Win95, which will do
many of the same things.  Don't know if X-Setup (Extended Setup)
will run on Win98 though.  Now, if you are one of those "hands-on"
types, you could also use Edit and change a few lines in the file
MSDOS.SYS, but note, this file is "hidden, system" attributes, and
you will have to change the attributes prior to editing it.  Backing up
MSDOS.SYS is also highly recommended.  Once you have the
hidden attribute removed, use Edit (or you could also use NotePad)
and find the line which reads "BOOTGUI=0" without quotes, change
this to BOOTGUI=1 (I think that's the sequence)...also, while you're
at it, see if you can find a line that reads "BOOTMENU=1", if you
can , change this to BOOTMENU=0, this will bring up a little Menu
of choices when you reboot or turn your computer on...such as
Safe Start, Normal Start, Command Prompt only, Network Support
etc.  When you're through with the changes, save the file, then be
sure an replace the hidden and system attributes.  Now, reboot
your computer and see if this is what you wanted!
Good Luck!
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