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  • From: Alan Grimes <alangrimes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 12:42:31 -0500

John P Lane wrote:

> Oooh that is so fun (But tricky), I did it myself back when my 486DX 
> Win 3.1 box worked. Unfortunately I found out the hard way to be very 
> very carefull when editing it (BTW I used Norton Utilities some old dos
> version). Too bad that old box is dead. I sure miss it ;(. I think the
> BIOS finaly went bad on the motherboard.

That doesn't happen unless its an Eprom chip and you took the label off
letting light in that destroys its settings...
If the problem is that it can't remember what your HD looks like then
you can probably revive it by simply attaching an external batery pack
to the connectors which are usually next to the welded on one, or you
could weld on a new batery. ;)

Mine is still kicking, 7 slots of which 3 have VESA extensions...
I just got a close-out priced CPU for it. ($30), I have it configured
for 120 mhz. =)
I'm trying to upgrade the ram but I'm having compatability troubles
because its refresh circuitry can only handle low density chips. =( 
I'll let you d00dz know when its fully operational again.. (This machine
is the one I refer to in my current signature file. =)

>  I loved the motherboard on it though the chip holder on it was a 
> socket 3 zif one, & it had 1 8 bit ISA, 3 16 bit ISA & 3 VESA slots:), 
> Altough it only had a monochrome moniter.

Usually the video card supports color, and is ready to go once you have
the monitor money. ;)

Perhaps I will upgrade my OS from win 3.11...
But It has to be *better* than win 3.11...
*AND* It must run on THE MACHINE!!!!
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